(i) Such desirable avifauna as the ‘Golden Goose’ mentioned, inhabit a different

universe and dimension, that of the untaxed Common Law Economy; see ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S MONETARY POLICY, Senate statement, The Manifesto, p.220 .

(ii) The realm of state money, national(ised) issuance of all currency and credit without interest is explained in Chapters Five and Six of The Manifesto: Usury re-criminalized. The timeless, judicable, secular Common Law Crime of Usury is recognised as such by our permanent world-respected 1215 Great Charter English Constitution Magna Carta; Articles Ten and Eleven.

(iii) With its full private citizens’ prosecutory function restored, the authentic Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury pre-empts government banks from committing venal or partisan-political finance-lending abuses associated with a monolithic lender as in communist and fascist command economies. This brings us to the Panacea that is Common Law; viz. Chapters Four & Six.

(iv) Naturally, issuance to the economy of interest-free currency and credit from national government outlets will replace those services now performed by banks, Building Societies. With Usury (lending and borrowing) re-criminalised, private banks will have to operate within those parameters.

Here is an allegorical conversation:

Question: “Who do you think we owe the national debt to?”

And here’s a reply which the Bank Owner would not like you to anticipate…

“Bank of England, old boy? No, no. I don’t own it. Government owns it. [Continues aside.] I only own all its wealth and I control fiscal policy. While the government owes me trillions of National Debt, it is I who decides how much money there is in the economy…how much anybody earns or gets to spend. My ownership is really in every person or enterprise which operates on loans from the bank. Because I am owed so much by everyone, that is, the National Debt and all the mortgages and personal borrowing, I own all the wealth of the nation; its production, its terrain, property, water, and all its agricultural and mineral assets are owed to me,” quoth the banker. “I dictate all (or nearly all) governments’ monetary policy through their Central Banks’ HQ: the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.”

Subject matter from DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto ISBN 978-1902848-26-6

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