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February 12th – 2019Am going to add a PDF Library – and enable you to download freely – why a library?? For most of our lives we are given a particular narrative – the conservative and religious views to which those that in some way who feel superior to us – think that is what we are to believe and that is what we are to know. Having a better grasp of history helps us to understand where we are now.

Some examples: homo sapiens – modern man walked with dinosaurs – people drew them on their pots on wall paintings and left their foot prints – again UFOs – these have been visiting us for millions of years – they are in oil paintings 15th 16th century – wall paintings and in oral history. Who created money? It was the priesthood many many thousands of years ago. Who created man 250 million years ago? The Gods created man – note the “Gods” not a singular “God.”

Is this important to us now? Yes – we are continuously being enslaved in our ignorance – we have no real clue were we came from and no real clue where we are going simply because we are continuously kept in the dark.  what’s worse is that you can free yourself. You can not survive “Off-grid” ie you can not sustain yourselves to live and work freely in an equitable way with compassion care loving-kindness – everyday the media gives you yet another new enemy. 

January 8th – 2019 – From June through to November of last year – was a time of much upheaval – suffice to say that I survived. I have been reading much Ubuntu by Michael Tellinger – a good read.  I have also been focusing some of my attention on the Anunnaki and the fact that “man” modern homo sapiens have been around for over 250 million years and that Earth’s gravitational field has fluctuated to produce giant men animals and trees and that the plates on which we cling to life have often collided swung around the Earth and nearly wiped out all life as we know it.

Darwin’s theory is that one species could transform into another – as he wrote a woolly bear  could take to the water and become a whale. Even Darwin thought that this idea was so stupid that he deleted it from further editions of his theory of evolution. We have been manipulating crop and domestic animal DNA for 20,0000 years or more. And we have not created one new species. Species adapt to their environment – but never create a new species – so rest assured your Granny was not a monkey. 

So we may ask where did we come from? We are very very from all the animals on the planet? There are no animals like us. Every culture – all over the planet Earth say the same thing – some star people came down from heaven and created us in their image – so we look like the people who created us.  Some say it was the Anunnaki – who were three or four times bigger than man 18ft to over 30ft tall and yes Giants have existed on Earth and found our women very desirable – just as we do to this day.

Water Life Consciousness exists throughout the known and the unknown universe. No consciousness there is no time no history no reality no imagination – and no civilisations – everything springs from an enlightened mind and a deluded mind. And this leads us to the verifiable fact “aliens” have been with us from the time of our creation and continue to be with us even today – this fact is part of our daily reality to which most people try their best to ignore. We are being watched 24 hours per day 365 days per year. 

Any one who has done the most modest of research will tell you we are slaves. Being a fully enlightened sentient being – my desire is to liberate you and ensure your not going to be enslaved again. You have to revolt and change your lives – there is no magic wand and the gods are not coming back to save us. We have to do it ourselves – you need the knowledge the tools to build better sustainable communities – I’m an old git – so I will die and see no change in your slavery.

We all die. There is no rebirth of your soul – you don’t have one. There is no Kamma. In winter a million leaves drop to the forest floor to decay.  A million life-forms feed off those countless leaves bacteria fungi – .helminths insects out the devouring roots of young hungry plants and much older mature trees that cannibalize. Go down the pub with friends – secretly arm yourselves for the revolt will surely come.

17th June – So was it a spoof??? No great political party for the people has sprung up – and I got a list of all political parties about 250 of them – and no new party. So am disappointed to say this was a joke. I have taken down the video link now.

14th June – I have been away for a few days visiting my Mum in hospital. So the big question is – what happened to the new political party that was going to be announced when Trump visited the UK? It was said to be announced on all social media – but I could find nothing to indicate a political party. To say I’m a bit disappointed is an understatement. I can appreciate the fact that all social media outlets will block any content that points to revolutionary change – keep your eyes and ears open!!!

28th June – I highly recommend you watch the film “V for Vendetta” it’s not on youtube so you will have to download a torrent link – I have provided the torrent  here – just download and rename it as C3B8BCBOE2643OEF7F39E89C2BCC413D4B17577B.torrent – WP refuses to upload torrent links – a real pain in the arse! But you can always Google it!

26th June – As we all know – all employees at FaceBook are nothing but vermin. I re-posted a link – and for that I was banned from making any posts – FaceBook’s censorship is getting so bad that if you re-post something then you will be banned. 

23rd June Over the past couple of weeks more and more people are deciding that rebellion – the overthrow of the government is the only option to bring to and end the current corrupt system. More and more people on social media are venting their disgust at this government’s complete disregard for the welfare of the British people. There is also general frustration with the compliance and support of Muslim sex gangs – establishment paedophile rings and the continued cover up of such corruptions – as is the continuing destruction of the NHS and the well-fare system to which we are paying for in our taxes. Rebellion is close to hand – overthrow each county one at a time until we have the whole country in our hands!

6th June – I have updated the section on educational videos – a series of four films by Richard Hall of on the Murder of Jill Dando – so please take few hours and watch – I’m in the middle of preparing another article – which I will post shortly. I’m neglecting my book sadly – but will return to it soon.

31st May – Why is it that everyone uses FaceBook? FaceBook are the “Thought Police” they control what people can say what people can see and thus restrict and modify people’s behaviours – but not in a good way. As a Buddhist and ex-monk we need to see the world as it is – not a blind blinkered world which FaceBook deliberately creates. FaceBook do not recognise International Standards of Human Rights of the Human Rights Council at the UN. They do not support any Human Rights Legislation of any country in the entire world. So what are FaceBook’s so-called “Community Standards?” Well they reserve the “right” to spy on you – and they reserve the right fo others to spy on you – they also reserve the right to sell everything that you post – they also reserve the right to censor and control everything that you post. Is it lawful?

In the UK censorship arose because classical scholars and archaeologists discovered when digging up towns and cities that the inhabitants art and sculptor were somewhat different from those at home – and those scholars decided that the working class should not have any access to this art. Even classical Chinese and Japanese art was censored – and people tried to deny it existed – and this trend of denial of existence is still continued to this day. FaceBook denies reality as it is. But the real world exists outside FaceBook. 

Let’s look at two examples Nipples – every human being on this planet has nipples. Even FaceBook employees. Male nipples are ok – but female nipples are not allowed. Why the discrimination against women? FaceBook discriminates against all women on this earth. And in so doing tries to hide the reality that all women have nipples. Next Vaginas. All women on this planet have vaginas – even female employees have a vagina. But vaginas are denied existence on FaceBook. There is a denial of reality. Every women knows she has a vagina – but according to FaceBook women do not have a vagina. Clearly there is something wrong at FaceBook – who  clearly  wish to deny the existence of vagina’s. FaceBook clearly deny reality have double standards and clearly discriminate with the entire female community of this planet.

29th May – I have not added more articles – I have been focusing my time on editing my current book – which seems to be going well. In addition I have got involved with another website – to administrate the site – all the basics have been done over the last week or two – now that site needs some good verifiable articles and for the look the design of the site – which has not been done yet. Site visitors continue to grow – just under 2,000 per day with half those people spending an hour or more having a good read – keep it up!!! Thank you!

26th May – I am progressively eliminating all those spam users – most of which got in prior to using a google captcha – so all subscribers are checked against a list of well known spammers. Sit administration is a full time job!!!

23rd May – Added a video from Richplanet on Jo Cox murder – do share this video – make every one aware of it. Thank you! You can find the link here. We are also getting over 1,500 people (real time visitors not hits) per and about 140 people are spending an hour or more reading – but as yet very few of those hits are turning themselves into subscribers – but we are slowly day growing by the day. Thank you!

22nd May – I often wonder why people get so entrenched in their views that it becomes part of their belief system – they can only see the world through this belief system – which then distorts or hides the real world from them. They speak with passionate “authority” great zeal and are fully committed with a conviction that boarders on the deluded. You know the type – you challenge with verifiable evidence and you are ex-communicated! At some point they lost all reason and logic – even thinking – except thinking within prescribed patterns and beliefs. 

There are many people that want to take action – rebellion – revolution – but do not wish for those in “authority” to sit on their arse and just pontificate. They raise a banner – numbers swell and those numbers want to change the world – but those authoritative leaders are cowards. The membership are dismayed and eventually drift away – and we have no army. And when that same leadership calls – hardly any but the devoted and the faithful followers of their leaders turn up. They speak to the chosen faithful – who look up to these people as if they are Kings. All Kings have their day – they all pass. Some are sped on their way by being dethroned – others wither and die like an old gnarled tree that has lost its prime. There greatest crime? Is to loose the army. That is their greatest crime.

21st May – Yesterday I was playing around with a new post – and then published so that I could review it – it was not what I expected and so deleted it – then you all got an e-mail saying I  added a new post but there was no post for you to see – my apologies. 

There are a new type of criminal – their reasoning is as follows: The monarch has been deposed  by Magna Carta 1215 Article-61 – and by signing an Article-61 they do not recognise any laws – they are all sovereign and above the law. Thus they engage in criminal acts without any consciousness with devious minds immoral unethical – without any regard – they have become mini-Tyrants.

Worse they usurp those in authority who have wisdom and knowledge – and put themselves above and thus create chaos and confusion – they mislead people – causing themselves and their followers to fall into ruin.

18th May – We are now compliant with European Law in regard to the legislation on Data Protection which will be in force from 28th May.

(GDPR), which goes into effect on 25 May 2018, creates consistent data protection rules across Europe. It applies to all companies that process personal data about individuals in the EU, regardless of where the company is based. Processing is defined broadly and refers to anything related to personal data, including how a company handles and manages data, such as collecting, storing, using and destroying data.

While many of the principles of this regulation build on current EU data protection rules, the GDPR has a wider scope, more prescriptive standards and substantial fines. For example, it requires a higher standard of consent for using some types of data, and broadens the rights that individuals have for accessing and transferring their data. Failure to comply with the GDPR can result in significant fines – up to four percent of global annual revenue for certain breaches.

Other news is that am going to add a donation button – your donations help maintain this website – especially in regard to site security – and administration which is a 24 hour job! Writing new articles takes time – and updating all posts and pages is very time consuming – and meeting all the legal requirements – there are those people who think that Civil Law does not apply to them – only Common Law – though there is no Common Law apart from Case Law – who now believe we have no ruling monarch – oh well………..  .

14th May I am updating the entire web site in regard to Article-61 and re-writing sections of my book to more accurately reflect the real meaning of Article-61. A laborious task but needs to be done.

The website is getting on average 1,200 to 1,800 real time visitors per day with a good 40 per cent staying an hour or more reading – but very few of you are signing up! Signing up means joining something – supporting something – why not add your voice to the many? Why not discuss with others the practical and off-times impractical solutions?

Many of you are loyal members of various Facebook groups and do not wish to abandon your “leaders” there – and of course they are having to change their views on reading here – and there is a certain amount of hostility – especially when those people are confronted with evidence which runs contrary to their current ways of thinking.

It may also come as a shock to you that signing up to Article-61 just means you want to overthrow the Barons – Peers  not the Monarchy and in fact legally this is what you are doing – and have not overthrown the Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth ll is still legally the Monarch though the legality is questionable in regard to the events of 1958 – I refer you to posts on the website. Parliament is still legal – and the Statutes are still legal. Why follow a misguided leadership? You either want the verifiable truth or you don’t – it’s your choice.

10th May – My Birthday has gone one year older – Being a lover of English Social History my nose has been stuck on and off into George Macaulay Trevelyan, OM CBE FRS FBA (16 February 1876 – 21 July 1962), was a British historian and academic. He wrote a very comprehensive work English Social History – which anyone with an interest in Magna Carta really ought to read. You can get Illustrated English Social History (4 Volumes Boxed Set) for less than a pound on Amazon UK – a very very good read!

I am also re-visiting Article-61 both Latin original and modern day translations. We have to ask ourselves why it was ignored in 2001 – most legal historians claim that MC-1215 has been superseded. A read of the Latin is essential as is the translations.  It dawned on me that all those that depend for their continued existence on Article-61 may well have got hold of the wrong end of the stick…………………

28th April – I have now completed the book – now need to get it sorted on Amazon. I am also writing an article on “Treason” which most people get confused over. The website is as fast as I can make it now – whilst we are getting just over a thousand real people – half of which spend more than an hour reading – few people decide to sign up. 

Some sites – who depend on advertising enable one to read a bit – and then force you to register – or have content for registered users only – I have no desire to make money or force people to register – but down the road if we got more subscribers then I would do more – especially to encourage people to form their own local groups and then see what real action we can all take to bring about breaking our chains. 

It’s up to all of you!

5th April – Two things – I have refreshed the website – hopefully making it faster to load – and changed the layout – secondly I have deleted 10 emails without ip addresses – normally when you log in it capturers the ip address – so without an ip address emails newsletters just get lost in the vastness of the web. I have also added a captcha which should cut down a lot of false users. I am considering forming an organisation – club – a membership – to which you can join – am just exploring the idea at this time but would welcome any input.

4th April – If like me you realise we face a constitutional crisis – and are faced with the ever growing realisation that we will all be reduced to very very poor slaves pretty soon – and worse – there’s fuck all you can do about it by the usual conventional mechanisms – voting – street protests – appealing to parliament – appealing to government and the MSM ignores every injustice every wrong doing but rather spends it’s time hatching up lies and propaganda.

You become disillusioned and stop voting. You give up on conventional politics knowing the whole system is rigged. Every four years a new generation is able to vote. They have believed the lies that we live in a democracy. They believe they are free and then spend another 48 years in fruitless pursuit of a dream – until they get to where you are now.

Do you ever sit there and think?  Really think. People just like you will be doing the exact same things though you are long dead buried and forgotten? I will be dead soon. I know the world will go on just as it always has – same poverty same injustice the same suffering. We may – close to death – consider what we have actually done in our lives. For most they have done fuck all. What about you? Fuck all? Maybe you wish to change the world in which we live forever – just change it for a better world. 

But how? You ask? Everything seems pretty pointless. No one listens – no one does anything and nothing changes except the poverty and the ignorance and the greed and the suffering gets progressively worse and worse and worse. The answer my Brothers my Sisters is to become Warriors. My door is open to all of you that wish to become Warriors.

29th. March – I use BuddyPress here – which is like FaceBook but without all the hassle of spies and censorship – I’d like to get more active members on the site – most people register – read but do not develop into a social network. With Buddypress we can create groups – and make those groups hidden from other users – we can set up county groups cities towns hamlets – all actively engaged in promoting active rebellion! All of you need to be much more active then you are now!

27th. March I have had to change the way people can sign up to our newsletter – you have to log in – which means you have to register. I have done this because I spend hours per day deleting emails that come out of Russia – Russia is about the worst country in the world for cyber attacks – I spend many hours blocking running any web site today means you have to devote many hours in the day just blocking your site from minute by minute attacks. I do my best to make it “open” but when your being attacked every second of the day – makes life tough.

27th. March I am currently using Scribus to create my little book – so there will be no posts for some time. I have added a “Contact us” to the main menu – mainly for people who don’t save their password – at least you can send an e-mail if you forget!

25th. March – I have at long last finished my little book some 47 A4 pages and about 25,000 words. Bit too long to make as a post! I need to think how I can make it available to download. Now need to give my brain a holiday! 

11th. March – Added a new video “Traffic (2014) (UK) (BANNED)” about our Social Services abuses – a much watch film! Also added a diary – well it had been waiting for me to finish my little book! Which I have put out for review!

For budding “lawyers” or “Court Advocates” am planning writing a series of papers on “Common Law” it’s history foundations and where it fits in to our current legal systems.


10th March – I have at last completed my little book. I have to add the Appendixes – which is easy to do. Am thinking of making a small charge – with some income I can do more! I wish to see “Chartist Chapters” grow nation-wide! There are something like 11 million people in the UK that do not support the monarchy and oppose the elite! We need to join up the people into an army for change! 

9th. March – So from about 4,500 hits per month it has gone down to zero. Not one bot – no search engines it’s as if some one pulled the switch and the light’s gone out. In other news I’ve finished the book – it needs to be read by some one – who may edit make suggestions.

7th. March – The first thing to say is that Heart Internet my current hosting provider has seriously reduced the bandwidth to my site. 8 bits per minute is about average now. I am looking for another host provider that does not attempt to strangle your web site to death.

In other news – As a general rule while you obey the laws and regulations of a society the less likely it is that you are going to change it. Those in power wish to remain in power and will do everything that is required to remain in power – which includes banning organisations banning marches labelling it “civil unrest” and eventually calling in the army to physically quell a mass uprising of the people.

“Peaceful – law abiding rebellion” will fail. Of course you may have such beliefs in the “spirit of man” and of course with such a belief one has to ignore history – no only in your own country but the the rest of the world. Even in Ghandi’s India violent rebellion against British Rule was applied and the British Army did much to quell the uprising.

If you think that a Labour Socialist Government will get in. Think again. Labour Membership can outstrip Conservative Party Membership – which means nothing at a General Election – the State will use whatever means are at its disposal – even assassination. 

For the ignorant among you – you have to realise that whatever organisation you have joined the intelligence community has joined too. They subscribe to social media groups they subscribe to your blog and they subscribe to your web site and they join as members to your organisation – they attend ALL your public and private meetings and read all your emails and messages and subscribe to get the latest updates. They observe and report for “critical mass” all that data is reported to the intelligence committee  and if your new organisation is reaching a point near critical mass the government of the day will  bring in legislation that will in effect cut your balls off.

Those in power do not recognise a “peaceful rebellion.” Or a “lawful rebellion.” As a principle they do not recognise the sovereign right of people to march and to demonstrate their opposition of the government. What they see is a mass of people that are trying to change their state of slavery and bondage to one of being free citizens. They see clearly that this a revolt a rebellion. Do you think they will welcome with open arms?Do you really think they will agree with you and say “Oh we are really really sorry – it’s all been a dreadful mistake?” You need to see a psychiatrist if you believe that!

The Trade Union Movement is effectively dead – and surrounded by legislation that has caused complete paralysis – so no one can strike withdraw their labour and they have few in membership to become a critical mass. The ruling power brought in legislation to disembowel the Unions – and this organisation can be ignored. The law has done it’s job. We have a government that ignores all protest by the people and carries on regardless – they don’t care. Why should they?

Those in power resort too boundary changes – local vote rigging bribery – the loss of ballot papers and restrictions on who can join any political party and who can actually vote. The powers that be have contingency planning to change the rules of parliament – so that even with 60 or 80 per cent vote for one political party they will still have insufficient seats to form a government. At the end of the day every party leader has to go to the monarch to ask to form a government – and this can be denied – and the monarch can dissolve parliament and instruct it’s own preferred leaders (think of Australia).

At the end of the day there will  be no peaceful rebellion – no law abiding rebellion. There will be bloody confrontation and a lot of confusion fear and a horrifying recognition – water cannon – the well armed police behind riot shields wielding batons – you will be beaten you will be in a state of blind panic. Some of you will be bitten to death trampled to death.

End up in hospitals to which the authorities will report your presence – then you get arrested for being part of an illegal demonstration – no job no pay mortgage loss of family and friends – maybe you will be tagged to track your movements – either way your friends and relatives will fear you coming round to their house they will fear meeting you. You end up as just one of thousands of poor destitute buggers living on any city street – despised hated and terrorised. 

All your leaders arrested – all your web sites closed down all your social media sites shut down. What then? What then? Give up? Think again. You are at the very very beginnings of rebellion. On the first page as yet unborn not unified not an army of change.

3rd. March – I have added new user roles  – which helps me keep track of events – I’ve updated our policy statement – and am working on the book. Creating a stable economy is a must after any revolution – am not going to add any more posts while I focus on the book. 

28th February – According to the Bruges Group Since 23rd June 2016 the Government have included the UK in these military plans with no debate in the British Parliament. This does not bode well.It also means if we are united with EU military – then we are still united with the EU – and that any severing of ties with the EU will be a deception. What that means is the EU Army can act on UK soil – and there’s nothing we can do about it. They can invade overtake the country without firing a shot.

25th February – I have sorted out my header displacement. More importantly I have deleted 5 emails. I did this because I set up a mailing list and sent the email to all – 5 reports came back that no such person had an email account on their mail servers.  Please be aware that I delete all emails when mail servers report back such errors. Will all new subscribers please insure that you put a valid email – I shall be looking into ways to validate email addresses. I have had no response from any one wishing to volunteer – you must be at least 60 or 70 to have any computer experience. 

I am finally focusing on writing my book: Practical Steps To Revolution. I shall make it available for you to buy for £3.95

23rd. FebruaryI am trying to resolve what has gone array with my  header – but the real news is am having a mailing list – so you will get an email of site updates – am just exploring the options at this time. Also, the New Chartist Movement – is run by the British Constitution Group – and I advise you all to join. We need to have a collective voice – and to gain more recognition – it costs £25.00 per year so do consider joining.

21st. February – Today had a bit of a disaster – the web site crashed – worse – after logging in I was not able to log in again – but thanks to a bit of back door editing we seem to be ok now. I lost a couple of posts but that’s ok.

14th. February -We spend much  of our time living a life that some other persons (unknown) created for us. Teachers Doctors Nurses Lawyers Plumbers Plasterers Electricians – our world of jobs that we fulfil – with very little leisure time to lean anything else. Our days in work were regular – a world of routine – and a world of predictable leisure time activities.

All that has changed. Our kids are burdened with debt – no employment prospects – no chance of buying a home – starting a family all that seems to  be just an illusion a dream. One can now have a university degree and work in SportsDirect on a zero hour contract – get food from a food bank sleep on sofas – the streets or in the car. 

Worse we are losing our cultural identity – being British which is under attack by those with a sinister political agenda. The disruption of social cohesion of what constitutes a society a culture. Then we are losing democratic controls even our countries national identity we could be called the United Kingdom Britain – Great Britain or England – but this is slowly being wiped out. At least with leaving the Nazi-EU we will have escaped being over run and turned into an “Economic Region.”

With mass migration – then those ethnic communities retain their own cultures – we become an Economic Region of many many cultures with no national identity no sense of who we are and no history no culture and no common language no common education. We will have nothing that we can say we have in common with any one – apart from our own small community. Are you not afraid?

In the past – 200 or 300 years ago our kings and queens ruled by divine right. All men – All women were but bonded slaves to an aristocracy – to which we were the property of the crown – the monarch the ruling king or queen at that time. We were but slaves. We can have bad kings and queens – that only think of themselves – to enrich themselves – by raising taxes on the slaves – but when the pressure of poverty and injustice to get too much to bare – those peasants rebel. We have rebelled but never have we quite thrown off our chains.

Today we look at the history of Parliament – and see that it has taken on the same divine rule of monarchs – to which they are slowly but surely making a gilded prison from which their is no escape. We too find ourselves the property of a Parliament which has taken upon itself to enact powers far worse than any monarch.

Our Common Law – our Constitution – our Bill of Human Rights are slowly being replaced by Roman  Law – Civil Law – EU Law which is the anti-thesis of all that Common Law that is the foundation for all democratic countries throughout the world. We have been invaded. Overtaken without even a shot being fired – without a battle and we have had no chance to defend ourselves. We have let in a virus – which is intent on destroying us from within.

One day we will face up to the fact that we are being eaten away from the inside. There are many who recognise this fact – be they so-called on the far right – the far-left are on the centre-ground. We all recognise that we have a virus that is slowly eating away at the heart of our Common Law Constitution and the values that make us British. Being “British” is not some idea of ancient customs rules and rituals – we are dynamic – modern people who wish to see a secular and ethical society and not one of enslaved servants to some divine power be it a monarch or a Parliament.

One day we will have to fight. One day we will have to have a rebellion.  One day we will have to unite. One day we will have to bear arms and enter a battle which we will win. Prepare yourselves – prepare your children. That battle will come whether you like it or not – you need to prepare yourselves to sacrifice for the greater good – which is breaking the chains that keep us all slaves.

13th. February – We are faced with a grave danger – the British Armed Services are to be amalgamated into the EU Armed Services. The EU knows we have no legitimate monarchy – who is the supreme head of our armed services. That right has been unlawfully been stripped away. The consequence for the British People are very very profound.

It would mean that the EU can put its troops on British Soil. An effective invasion – and if we were to protest and demonstrate – it would be considered a “Rebellion” and under EU Law we could all be faced with the gallows. We will be hanged. Let that sink in. Any protest will be met by the armed forces acting under the command of the EU and not our government not our monarch not by the British People but a Foreign Power that has unlawfully invaded us. We can forget all about peaceful rebellion.

11th. February – Yesterday I put up the film “The Red Dagger” which I recommend All of you to  sit down and watch. We need Rebellion – we need a better society for ALL. I have put the film here for those of you who want to watch:

10th. February – have added a few more documents and many videos – and have added the ability to download all “Posts” as PDF Documents and to be able to Print them. You need to log in but don’t need to go through 100 fucking stupid steps to do this Storing documents on a “Cloud” is fucking stupid! Anyway it will help you in preparing your body of evidence.  Enjoy!

22nd. January – added a few more posts and you can access my public key from here – so encrypt to e-mail me – not forgetting to attach your own public key.

17th. January – I still have a lingering flu – very runny nose and a  bad cough – but am feeling a lot brighter – I have added a “Links” to other sites – and a “Videos” to watch – my writing capacity is a bit dimmed at the moment – gloomy weather does not help!

5th. January – I have a very bad flu/cold at this time – bad head a lot of sneezing and coughing and a very very runny nose. I shall get back to writing soon – I have about 4 things on the go!!

24th. – December – finds me at my sisters – so no work – I’ll get back to work in few days! Oh and Happy Christmas

17th. December – I have updated the post “Subversion?? What Subversion – enjoy.

16th. December – this site is being viewed by about six thousand people every month – who spend their time reading all the articles – but few of you register 🙂 and only those of you in the UK register. I have made all the information here freely accessible most blogs make you register – which is a pain in the arse! When a new user registers – I also sign you up to the forums – which you ignore 🙂 I was wondering why you did this? Perhaps you will leave a comment next time you visit.

15th. December – I have now settled on the front end – which in theory should load faster as their are fewer graphics – and to be informative of the aims and objectives of this site. This site gets viewed by a lot of people from all over the planet – they read it all but don’t register!! If you have any useful information – post a link in the forums – leave it in a comment – and if you have any questions feel free to ask – I have at least two draft posts on the go – and a further two or three articles in the pipeline – please update your profiles into something meaningful and you are free to add your own avatar – Linux Tux do hundreds and these are quite good.

I don’t visit FaceBook very often – only to chat with my girlfriend and to visit  which gives me a lot of links – besides discussion on issues. Membership of any group or organisation need not prevent you from having wider interests and concerns – I have long thought “How can we have a revolution” the grounds for revolution are here right now. But the issue remains – we need a ground swell of people – we have sixty five to sixty six million of us living in the UK under a Tory regime that is actively killing people – stripping our national assets – and this is criminal – it will take at least one or two million to make for change – and that means YOU making a commitment to revolution. Form local groups – build a web site – you can have all the information here for free.

You can have names like “Norfolk 61 Group” or “Norfolk Magna Carta Group” open a bank account or have your own bank and collect donations – have coffee meetings – promote your group in the local press – produce a newsletter – create a “support unit” public demonstrations get into the local press – get more people involved – there lots of things you can do – join the revolution today! Success is in our hands – in yours!!!

12th. December – In the old days of sail – why never knew who was the “good” guys the one’s doing all the raping and pillaging of the land and the “bad” guys those that liberated all that booty and deprived the monarchs of Europe all that gold and jewels. Once in cannon range about 300 to 400 yards that would raise their flag:- 

I shall be changing the images to the site soon 🙂

3rd. December – I am shortly going to be working on some articles about the City of London which The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. Which I suspect is one reason why no bankers have ever been taken to court for the financial crash of 2008.

2nd. December – I put aside editing the Protocols of Zion – but am getting there – I have focused my attention on other pressing matters – why do people not rebel? This led me to the FaceBook Group “Practical Lawful Dissent” – Article 61 Magna Carta – to which legal experts say is still in force 800 years after it was written. So I put up a lot of information on that – which I will be adding too. Am also planning to add videos to this important subject. 

Momentum – The Real Scammers Exposed:

2nd November – I have been focusing my attention on web site security. I hope that I have done an effective job on tightening up security.

Where most Bloggers want their sites to be searched and indexed – the more “customers” they get – I work on the opposite principle – no search engines no bots – hence no malicious attacks – I’ve cut down such attacks to the bare minimum and have a firewall to prevent further access. So no search engines like Google.

I found out that having lots of themes on your web site can really slow it down – so have deleted them all – the site runs a bit faster now. I have installed some caching software – to make the site run faster – “user experience” is the key – so do let me know what your experience is. And do keep your eyes pealed on our “News Flash” for important bits of News. Thank you!

Another thing I’ve been working on is to download my site and having it run locally – that way I can install plugins add themes without wrecking my main site. My local Debian Linux server Apache2 is up and running – all I have to do is run a virtual web site. Am having to do a lot of technical reading – it was a while ago since I set up servers and did hosting as an ISP. As an old git it gives me brain ache. A pub lunch is in order.

31st October – THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION are taking quite some time. I’d downloaded three copies and read them all – they were written well before 1789 the commentaries mention the Revolution (French) and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution published 1859. The Protocols were translated from the French into Russian – then into English about 1905. It speaks of the destruction of Nation States – the EU and NO Nation States – and a World Government – establishing “elites” and then a One World Government. It is why the vote for “Brexit” was so important.

“We” the “Goyim” are nothing but propertyless slaves. “Goyim” means “non-jew” – but the word means “cattle” a derogatory term for all non-jews.

There are twenty four protocols covering sixty four pages – I’d copied and then pasted the contents of a PDF file – and saved into Apache Open Office. What’s taking the time is re-editing it so the Bullets are all correct – there are some minor UK English spelling errors – but these are minor. I have another forty pages to do. I will give a good explanation when I have completed editing. What I will say now – it is all true – happening right now – especially in regard to Palestine – and the continual wars in the Middle East by israel and it’s allies the UK and USA – the “elites” (jews) in both countries work hand in hand. To the question “Is their a jewish illuminati?” Sadly the answer is YES. This is why I have said for the past 40 years – the jew and israel are the greatest threat to world peace.

29th October – Am going to publish the full version of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION and make available a PDF download. Editing is taking some time – am working on a number of key articles. I’ve changed the front photo – much nicer. Something needs to be said about the Balfour Agreement – the selling out of Palestine to a bunch of crazed jewish zionist terrorists. Need to eat!!! 

We all need a loving kind caring women in our lives – am blessed

28th October – I’ve added a couple of new forums – and added a new post GNU Privacy Handbook – do read.

27th October – I have published the  Madeleine McCann article – am still working on the The De-sexualization of Society article and Psyops has not been started yet. I am going to add a few more posts – pre-written that need to be uploaded. I need food coffee and a cigarette!!! Thanks for reading!!!

26th October – I have just spent 8 hours researching the death of Madeleine McCann – though like many have been researching the case for many years. There are many books on the subject many youtube films – the best films are from Richard D. Hall – featured here. There’s a lot of videos to watch – photos – not too many – I have focused on is she dead or alive? Or when did she die and is she did now? If you have nothing to do for a few hours – it’s well worth watching and thinking about it – and asking why the cover up – why the protection? 

26th October – I thought it a good idea to add a chat box to my (B)Log – my idea was simple enough – whenever I was online any one could chat to me – or anyone else. So I installed “” – all went very well – apart from the glaring fact that the chat function showed me to be off-line all the time. Hmm……….. WTF!!!! So I went off to start a chat with the very helpful staff. It turns out that you have to be logged in to’s dashboard to make yourself active – meaning there’s bugger all else you can do – I’ve uninstalled it and completely removed all the code. As far as i can tell all the chat plugins work in the same way – which is ok if you run a business with lots of support staff sitting round drinking coffee waiting for an online support or sales chat – which is not what I want. Oh well – back to the drawing board!  

26th October – My article “Gender Change – The De-sexualization of Society” is about 90 percent complete. The next item in the pipeline is PsyOps  – focusing on State Propaganda and the control of all MSM by the Intelligence Services. I shall do my best to cover this as neatly and accurately as possible. The number of false flag events is growing – more people are left pondering the “reality” and more people are becoming increasingly aware that the BBC C4 C5 Sky News are just providing State Propaganda with the added bonus of fake heroes – so-called “sports personalities.”

Other News – PGP or “Pretty Good Privacy” is owned by Symantec – a purely commercial company providing in the main “security services”  for the many Microsoft Operating Systems. You can buy it – or as they prefer to give you a free trial – which means that once you install PGP it spreads through your Microsoft OS like a virus – and forever sends data back to Symantec leaving your computer wide-open to all the Intelligence Services . We now know through leaks by Edward Snowden that the NSA and GCHQ have back doors into all commercial companies selling encryption software. That means Symantec. .

25th October – Surprisingly not 3 am in the morning – I have added a Privacy Policy – created this Site News – I will add a few more to the top bar then be done with that.

I really want to focus on writing – there’s some important information about commercial encryption – Facebook and many others that offer online encryption have ALL sold out to GCHQ and the NSA which is very very bad news if you depend on a commercial company that you pay for to give you encrypted services.

25th October – I’ve added a widget to display my artwork – needs editing but at least it’s up and working. I’ve learnt that pages and posts are entirely different – pages are posted to side and top bars – posts are added to pages. So I can create a page called Site News and then add a page to it called site news – more playing tomorrow. What would be good would be adding a background image to the page………. Hmmmm……… Maybe you can’t do that. Tomorrow is another day.

24th October – the widgets date function is stuck on the US – bad news. I am currently re-writing the “Gender Change — The De-sexualization of Society:” making it more in depth. I’ll break it up into sections – much easier to read. On other fronts – I want to add a News” menu to the top menu – have not figured out how to do this yet.

In fact the books I have on WordPress offer no simple step by step guides – on any subject to do with WordPress – there are no “how tos” all the ten books I have costing over £80 – ninety per cent of the contents are crap – who wants to re-write WordPress code??? What’s needed is a basic “how to” a step by step guide to do simple stuff. I get fucked off reading so much shit – to get to one nugget of useful info – but you have to read 99 per cent of what you don’t want. Such is life.

10/23/2017 – American date format – maybe I can change it. Anyway, I now have the site looking very much how I want it. Let’s hope WordPress does not fuck it up.

I have given up on Joomla! – I had thought that it would be much easier to work with – but no! So am back with WordPress – but not all that happy. There seems much to do – to configure – nothing works out of the box!