Site News

21st May – 2019 – We have had a hard week from last Monday (14th) we have had a request for a password change – then we had two mail servers go down – and by Wednesday we had lost the mail server we were on. Then having stolen our email passwords – the hackers do a brute force attack on the website. They got in as me!!

But I blocked them – as soon as I did that they kept crashing the website – I had to stay online with another admin from Friday to Sunday afternoon – we had 1,208 attacks!!! We had to work very closely with our host provider. I first thought it was Russian – but eventually worked it out that it was Mossad – israelis secret intelligence service. They even tried to have the website blacklisted – but failed. We hope to stay online!!!

13th May -2019 – There are many people that have woken up to the realities – of our world and we are much  maligned and  misjudged – simply because it exposes the current narrative. I try reading the Chartist magazine – a 1930s 1960s perspective and of course no one has any focus on what’s really going on in the world. I am busy preparing for my trip – we have a condo in Davao – which I hope to be in soon!

May 5th – 2019I have been very busy over the past week adding a lot more articles – more food for thought – more to question. I am off to see my lover in a couple  of weeks and am not sure if I will have internet access – I hope so. here’s a photo of my lovely women:

April 24th – 2019 –  I have discovered that there are no good addons to WP to enable one to have a library of books that are easy to read online and just as importantly to download. It seems I have to go elsewhere upload my books and paste links back into my own website. A real pain in the arse. I have written a story Virus I II III and IV – in three days and one night about 15,000 words. It’s a good enough theory – better than Darwin and much better than narrow minded historians and archaeologists and is more in accordance with reality.

I will be off to the Philippines mid-May take time to get an internet connection and of course it will be very very slow much like in the 80s. I will be there for about three or four months – it depends – I will have a go at adding books soon!