My Paintings

My paintings

i have produced and sold many paintings over the years – but did not take photos of them all. I was happy to paint them and did not think of some future date when I could reflect on what I had done. The first three were done in South Carolina and i did take photos of them – which for me was quite amazing! here they all are at least the one’s Ive got – they hang on my walls – no room for the 400 books that are still stuck in cardboard boxes!

It has been some time since I picked up a brush. The problem is that am blind in my left eye – perception of where the tip of the brush is – making many errors. I used to see pictures in my mind’s eye all the time – working out perspective and colour – now that does not happen often.

Now am focused on my writing – which is not difficult and I find it very easy to do 10,000 words per day or more. It’s very much like painting – which I do in one day. Once that image is in my mind – it’s committed to paper. Writing is a little different. I’m very much aware of my mind assembling the pieces – but it’s fluid – the mind has an idea – that flows out – but you can insert facts and so on that do not effect the final outcome – I am aware of the last brush stroke – and am aware of the last key stroke!

Art is the unexpected………………