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The People’s Revolutionary Party   The People’s Revolution Party strives for prosperity, equality, freedom, limited government, the empowerment of local communities over there affairs as well as the elevated economic well-being of all citizens. We relentlessly seek to have these core principles fully enacted in every part of the United Kingdom.

We believe in the right of all citizens to participate fully in all aspects of society and the political arena, more inclusive and relevant elections and having a real say in the running of their party, elected national and local governments.

The People’s Revolution Party is run by the members of the Party through a grass-roots activist framework of direct democracy, our aim is simple, to give power back to the people so that they have a real say over their own lives, to resist and overturn the corrupt political system dominated by special interests, globalists influencers and big business interests.

The New Chartist Movement – We, at the British Constitution Group (BCG), want to create a campaigning alarm clock to quickly wake up the people of this country before it all becomes too late.  The research is almost completed – we very largely know what is being done to us and how.  Unlike the usual rhetoric of empty or implicated politicians who can only offer you ‘hope’ and ‘change’, we now have real solutions based on provable truth and actual history with which to completely transform the lives of the British people for the better.  Our new movement is not about promoting new ego-driven personalities – we are about exposing and collapsing a completely unlawful and treasonous system of control and governance by simply getting essential and unknown information out to the people in the most effective way possible.  It is only then that we, as sovereign people, can make decisions to free us all from the sleaze, treason and criminality which currently pervades the governance of our country at all levels and so thereby restore the rule of Common Law.

British Constitution Group -The British Constitution Group campaigns for the restoration of Britain’s ancient constitution, which, for several decades has been systematically denied and undermined by successive governments of all political parties. The BCG is non-political and does not endorse or support any political party. We believe that for over 1200 years, successive generations of British inhabitants have reasserted the principles originally established by Alfred’s Law.

We work to challenge the constitutional change agenda – the imposition of European and United Nations policy upon British law. Our aim is to educate the media and the general public about the rights and liberties provided by a constitution so often denied by academics and politicians. Established in 2008, the British Constitution Group is a non-party-political organisation with members from across the social and political spectrum. The BCG is a non-profit limited company, Brit Constitution Ltd, No. 06666076, registered in England in 2008.

Becoming a member of the British Constitution Group is a declaration of your agreement with our desire to see the people of this nation reclaim their sovereignty. Join us and add your voice to our desire to see our constitutional principles reasserted.

Freedom of the Press – protects and defends adversarial journalism in the 21st century. We use crowdfunding, digital security, and internet advocacy to support journalists and whistleblowers worldwide.

Restoring the Rule of Law back to the people – This is the primary site for all you need to know about lawful rebellion.

Common Law Courts Great Britain and International. WELCOME TO THE SITE OF THE COMMON LAW COURT. Why is there need to convene such a court? Under Common Law, every man and women has a claim of right and of lawful notice to convene a common Law Court and can call on the support of all competent men and women to assist with this lawful right. The authorities however, do understand that the verdict of a Common Law Court carries a recognized legitimacy under the Law of Nations and the public right to form Tribunals of Conscience, when governments and courts refuse to address a matter.  Everyone can be held accountable for their actions and every man or woman that has suffered a wrong has the right to a lawful remedy. The Common Law Court can be convened to deal with any and all forms of injustice.

WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006. WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses.

European Digital Rights (EDRi): is an association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe. We defend rights and freedoms in the digital environment. You can find our members here. Information technology has a revolutionary impact on our society. It has boosted freedom of communication and democracy but has also led to new approaches to surveillance and is increasingly used to impose restrictions on fundamental rights. Whenever citizens’ rights and freedoms in the online environment are endangered by the actions of political bodies or private organisations, we ensure that they are respected. EDRi’s key priorities for the next years are privacy, surveillance, net neutrality and copyright reform.

Access Now – International
Association for Technology and Internet (APTI) – Romania
Article-19_logo Article 19 – United Kingdom
ALCEI_logo ALCEI – Italy
alternatif-bilisim_logo Alternatif Bilişim Derneği (Alternatif Bilişim) – Turkey
 BoF_2 Bits of Freedom – Netherlands
Chaos Computer Club (CCC e.V.) – Germany
DRI Digital Rights – Ireland
logo-DC Digitalcourage e.V. – Germany (former Foebud)
digiges Digitale Gesellschaft – Germany
dfri_logo DFRI – Sweden
 eff_logo Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – USA
   Electronic Frontier Norway – Norway – Austria
 fiff_2 Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF e.V.) – Germany