About this (B)Log:

The name of this site is The Captain’s (B)Log – it was “Liberation” – freedom was the last name I chose “A Blog of Things” was another. I switched from WordPress to Joomla! – Then back to WordPress to Joomla! and now – I’ve settled on WordPress. A long and at times frustrating journey – getting your Blog “right” can be a very depressing series of failures.

I was once a ship’s Captain – not quite ten years ago – it’s quite a catchy title for a Blog. Back to Liberation – to which 99 per cent of the world do not have. I had thought to call it “the blog of things” my thoughts – but really I am concerned with Liberation freedom – to think for oneself – to investigate for oneself – and not rely depend on others to do the thinking for you or for you to accept current views of reality.

I am a Buddhist. Also a Humanist an Anarchist a Socialist a Philosopher a Psychologist. An artist and a writer. A historian – we are all many many things – no one is just a plumber or sales or clerical person – we all have our interests and concerns – though me – I have no interest in sports modern entertainment fashion or modern views on how to be politically correct. I don’t accept censorship of the mind – which so many on the so-called “Left” do. I have no interest in a sexless society ruled by the lesbian “gay” bisexual and transgender (LGBT) social movements that want to stifle all debates other than their own perverse agenda.

My Early Days: When I was about 16 or 17 – I joined the Humanist Society – and South Place Ethical Society – both at Red Lion Square – I had the privilege of one evening – meeting Bertrand Russel Tony Ben and a lovable Michael Foot. I got invited to a house – where some one played the piano and another man sang opera. For a 16 or 17 year old working class boy – it was truly amazing.

That shaped my politics – I read all of Bertrand Russell’s books – and thought myself an Anarco-syndicalist – I got involved with Red Flame Trotsky – got kicked out of three universities and even flour-bombed Harold Wilson when he visited Bethnal Green – we got through the police by putting me in a pram 🙂 I lived in squats for many years – Centre Point – I was there! And I lived in Communes up and done the country.

We had links with the IRA and Baader-Meinhof I could say more 🙂 and I was a member of CND from the age of 15. Today I think – whatever happened to our revolution??? Harold Wilson did not deliver – and ever since the Labour Party has swung to the Right and is now run by Conservatives.

I have voted Labour all my life. I voted for the Greens when they first started but in the early days just a bunch of hippies who could not organize anything. But where has our revolution gone?? The truth is in 8 years the Tories have destroyed everything that Atlee brought into being. Thatcher destroyed the Unions.

So whatever happened to the revolution??? Now we are faced with a revolution – all because of one man – Jeremy Corbyn – and the fact that UK Politics have the sewer stench of corruption. You have all come to the conclusion and the realisation that all you have held dear has been destroyed.

Destroyed. We were not bombed or invaded but nevertheless all that generations ago fought for are lost. Back then people had determination to make changes – so they cam out in force to enforce their will on those that rule us. Back then most men were seasoned soldiers of the second war – and this fact gave the elite something to dwell upon – especially when they all had guns. Even within the Army there was some reluctance to go out on the streets and shoot your mates.  Even the idea of conscription was dropped – why mobilise and train people to fight when as defenceless uneducated untrained the population can be better controlled??

Now three generations on our so-called leaders with the Chartist Movement are emasculated wimps and the entire population are indoctrinated to have no attributes no meaning to the language used in every day speech. A prime example of this is “peaceful rebellion” to which people speak of as if it has some reality of meaning or “peaceful dissent” another contradiction of terms to which those who with little or no education bandy about and attest to some truth to these meanings.

Sure you can go on peaceful demonstrations with marshals and the police lining your route carry your banners beat your drums blow your trumpets and keep within the prescribed dedicate route all is well – you can go eat with your kids in MacDonald’s and say to yourselves well done! But have you changed anything? Fuck all has changed – you have had a nice day out chatting with people.

Ok so you meet up in Hyde Park – and your surrounded by police – and your speakers they rally you to support this or that programme – but are very very careful not to inspire you to action but to join up pay out money – because if they inspired you to any kind of action – that would be deemed by those in power as a direct challenge a rebellion to which they will crush. If the police can not deal with the situation then the army will be called. So actually none of your political leaders will tell you to so anything but remain as passive slaves – who brainwashed think that their presence had added something besides a Big Mac.

Let’s turn our attention to the spoken gibberish that so many aspire to follow because they think the speakers of such gibberish have some power some knowledge. The first thing to say is peaceful rebellion is a delusion.  Peace is defined as being non-aggressive – tranquil – non-violent. Rebellion on the other hand is an act of armed resistance to an established government or leader. Taking up arms does not mean raising your arms above your heads or beating drum or blowing trumpets or chanting some slogan or other. Armed mean taking up weapons to resist and to overthrow a government or a person. War and Peace or not the same things – whilst many so deluded think so. 

Peaceful Dissent is another contradiction in terms used by the uneducated. Dissent means the holding or expression of opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held – which leads to some kind of conflict – be it in magistrates courts or police stations one is in direct opposition – though of course you quite sensibly remove yourself from physical confrontation – they just consider you an annoyance.

It matters not if there are five people or twenty million people – who think not to resist but to get pushed around and return home – saying to themselves well done lads and lasses we showed em!

Alas one can not get twenty million on a march – not even three million. You will not make any difference to the elite. They can chop up your mass rallies into sizeable chunks that are easy to control and direct – so that none of the parts can join up to be an effective force – but those that speak of lawful dissent do not want you to be an effective force for change.

One has to gain power. If we look at the power base now – we see constant 4 yearly battles to gain power. You have to think about like a war. We have the voters and those that we vote for – and those we vote fore have an executive and a leadership – much like ancient times of Barons and their knights a ruling aristocracy and a monarchy.

A leader calls on his followers to vote for his Barons – who if win the local battle get elected and back their leader. That leader has a majority and thus can introduce whatever bills they want – which will pass into statute law when the monarch rubber stamps them. We elect dictatorships and we can and do elect tyrants.

But then 4 years down the line all that was made law can be stripped away and so no gains are made. This is the game you play. You play that same game time and time and time again – your kids will play that game and their kids will play that game. It suites the elite that you play that game – because at the end of the day nothing changes. 

The Constitutional Parliamentary Labour Party is part of that game. Every elected parliamentarian before taking his/her sit is required by parliamentary law to swear an oath to the authority of parliament – some swear allegiance to the monarch- though there has been a rule change for people not to do this. So if you are expecting some change your sadly mistaken. The Parliamentary Labour Party will introduce Bills that are given a rubber stamp by the monarchy which creates Statute Law – which 4 years down the road are repealed by the next Political Party that gains a majority (dictatorship) and they make Statute Laws in the very same way which can and do get repealed.

That game goes on and on and on and on – through successive generations which are deluded into thinking they live in a democracy. This 4 year cycle of gain and loss – there are many well-educated  and intelligent people who are terrified even to think about the implications people have their “causes” and belief systems – they build a world of fictions to justify their way of thinking their way of doing things – which do not bring any change into people’s everyday lives – people are still poor starving homeless uneducated not liberated and still their chains remain.

We need Liberation and if that means open Rebellion so be it. Think about it – and be honest with yourself. Slavery Bondage Chains – we all make choices in our lives – to break the chains of human misery or let those chains continue generation after generation. What will you tell your grandchildren – you did nothing – or that you were part of the revolution?

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