9/11 World Trade Centre

9/11 World Trade Centre

Two “planes” destroyed a total of six out of seven buildings – by flying into the “twin towers.” Six buildings turn to dust. No office furniture no chairs no computers no toilets and no human beings – about 2,300 people lost their lives and no human remains were found.

For 6 buildings to simply collapse one would expect some evidence – of material and human survival – look at earthquakes – tidal storms – hurricanes – with all these natural disasters there is always material and human remains. But these are completely absent. All one can see is holes in the ground and white dust and strangely bent steel. That’s it. Nothing else.

Watching the videos very carefully I noticed that far from collapsing – the buildings the material content and the people all turned into white dust and simply vanished into the atmosphere. There was no raging fires – in fact people reported it warm tingling feelings – so no giant crematoria – but why the building material content and people all turned to white dust has puzzled many – including me.

Big planes do crash into tower blocks – but never bring them down. They are all built to withstand a big jumbo jet crashing into them. Besides steel is not like butter – an aluminium plane can not simple vanish into a building then explode and then cause all those steel beams to “melt” and that initiates a collapse. But there’s no piles of debris – no desks no chairs no computers no toilets no wiring no piping and no people. Only white dust which got blown away.

Did everything turn to white dust? If you review all the videos you can watch whole sections of steel turning to white dust before your very eyes. How is this possible??? We have now discovered that all the planes were “CGI” Computer Generated Imagery – some planes were reported as still being active in service.

Worse all the supposed “terrorists” are still alive living out their daily lives with family and friends. Worse no passengers died no funerals took place. Nothing. Nothing. Even the CIA building is said to have been hit with a rocket – a small hole? No fuselage? No plane seats? No bodies??? No bodies??? WTF!!!!

How is it possible that planes hitting two towers high above the ground could wipe out six buildings – turning them all into white dust that quickly dispersed into the atmosphere?? A good question. There’s an answer. But for most of you reading this – the answer is a bit like a science fiction movie.

You have no idea what can be done with microwaves – electromagnetic frequencies – most of you can only think in terms of what you know – bullets grenades rockets and bombs. These are “conventional weapons” conventional – “based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed.”

But science is far more advanced than what you think. The military are said to be forty years in advance of current scientific development and thinking. So now we are into military applications. Direct-Energy-Weapons (DEW). 

  • Direct energy weapons can be used discreetly as radiation above and below the visible spectrum is invisible and does not generate sound.  
  • Light is only very slightly altered by gravity, giving it an almost perfectly flat trajectory. It is also practically immune (in anything resembling normal planetary conditions) to both windage and Coriolis force. This makes aim much more precise and extends range to line-of-sight, limited only by beam diffraction and spread (which dilute the power and weaken the effect), and absorption or scattering by intervening atmospheric contents.
  • They can have much greater speed and range than conventional weapons therefore are suitable for use in space warfare.

 In experiments these technologies have been found to bend steel – float steel balls – have flames with no heat or burning effect – transform metals into other metals – cause neurological damage and can vaporise. The US Navy and the Army are conducting field trials – no doubt the UK and other Countries too have their programmes.

Here’s a video released to the public domain by the US Navy – the US Military are not going to divulge what they know from Tesla and others – here the focus is on Lazar beams:

You may well ask “Is it possible?” “Is it really really possible?”There are many people who having looked at all the evidence have come to the conclusion that a Directed-Energy-Weapon was used to destroy all six building at the WTC. As to why – there’s very strong evidence to suggest that America and israel wanted another “Pearl Harbour effect” to continue their war against Middle-Eastern Countries.

But let’s continue looking at the evidence – my thanks to Andrew Johnson for the following video:

Now all the main stream media – all the documentaries chat shows – and the official publications can not account for the fact that all the material evidence – all the people just vanished into a cloud of white dust. The six buildings dissolved before your very eyes.

One key person has thoroughly investigated the events – even filing a law suit at the US Government. That person is Dr. July Wood. She has produced a number of videos and an impressive book which scientifically sets out all the evidence. Am going to submit one video – but there are many links her website   is here I will put a book link further down this article. She gave a talk presenting her views on a television programme called “One Step Beyond” hosted by “CEO Charmen” I hope I have the name spelt correctly.

Here’s a video of Dr. Judy Wood explaining her “dustification” theory – remember she’s not a professional speaker rather an academic – the fact is you can see with your own eyes steel structures turn to dust in mid-air – the fact that the building frothed up from the inside – everything inside those towers simply frothed up to dust material and people – watch and realise the truth:

The implications of Direct Energy Weapons are of major concern for all of us. The first thing to say is free energy technology is available now – no need for conventional fossil fuels. The political and social implications of that statement are immense. It would revolutionise transport and all energy usage. Think about it.

The second implication is we can all theoretically be vaporised – no need to drop nuclear weapons no need to drop conventional bombs – and no need for soldiers to carry conventional weapons – a personalised Direct Energy. We already seeing the US use weather manipulation – floods droughts earthquakes. The UN passed a resolution that weather manipulation can not be used as a weapon of war – but clearly “economic war” is a very different matter. It is clear from the evidence that the US wages “economic war” to maximise damage to nation states that do not follow US Policy.

Whist you are thinking and doing your own research you are advised to read the excellent scientific book written by Dr. July Wood: 

Thanks for reading

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