World War Three Is Here

At this time the military industrial complex needs to be at war all the time. Continuous war throughout the world. To sustain themselves – to destroy nations and to put in place a neoconservative capitalist government. It is also at war to control the oil. To make sure the world is dominated by oil and the world is fixed to the oil dollar. They are not without the philosophical aims of a One World Government – to do this at the cost of millions and millions of deaths per year. The fact is 80 per cent of the world’s population live in poverty. Let that sink in. 

There’s something like 8 billion people living on our planet and 80 per cent of them are living in poverty that’s 6.4 billion people living in misery and suffering – all due to American Foreign Policy and the daily consequences of war with untold misery and suffering. All because this very secretive group of people want regime change to global capitalism which makes slaves of us all – and that the need to be at war for profit every day – and worse they keep technological discoveries secret to sustain a world enslaved to oil.

This is our reality – a painful one to accept – but it is reality.



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