World War Three Is Here

.There is another aspect to the military-industrial complex which has a much darker side. There rise to power came about due to the second world war – but it’s real rise to power came because of the militaries successful attempts at bringing down five to seven spacecraft – or UFOs with directional radar frequencies. it is likely that some alien life survived but not all.

These facts leaked out in the late 40s and 50s with an immediate news blackout. The army held these space craft at various air fields –  and what to do with them? They were beyond the comprehension at that time. new materials – new flight systems and above all new propulsion systems. it was decided to call in those big military contractors who hired the best brains – bat a price.

That price included facilities personnel and great security and above all great secrecy. In those early years of the 40s 50s and 60s – the budget for these black programmes was in the tens of billions of dollars – advances in technology back engineering has now made that black budget some 24/25 trillion dollars per year.Besides the mus-appropriation of Government funds the CIA and the cabal that control the black budgets programme also control the drug market in the USA and the world.

There now is a lot of speculative evidence to suggest that America has a secret space programme and it’s own space craft – the TR3B – and many try to link what German scientists were doing and were capable of doing in the second world war with many Nazi scientists being brought to America under the “paperclip” programme.What has really been achieved over the past 80 years? Free Energy? Yes if they have cracked the propulsion system of these space craft.

We could say that it took them 50 years to crack this problem – in which case for the last 30 years they have been sitting on what would be a revolution for society in it’s use of energy – which all relies on oil. There is no continuous stream of profit from free energy – but there is a continuing stream of trillions of dollars for oil. Think about that for a moment. The fact of having downed space craft means that at some point in the last 80 years they have discovered free energy propulsion. The fact is they have to keep that discovery to themselves free energy would destroy global capitalism.

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