World War Three Is Here

World War Three Is Here

World war three is an economic war that has been with us for many many generations – the Dutch French Spanish English have all had a crack at world economic domination throughout the “known” world at that time. The rich jewish banking families funding the kings and queens of Europe and of course the truly evil empire of the Roman Catholic Church has funded both aristocracy and the military entrepreneur with devastating impacts wherever it’s genocidal priests roamed.

These two powerful groups of money lenders had very very different philosophies. All popes want complete world-wide domination and the complete annihilation and subjugation of all people and the stripping of there entire assets and make all people slaves of the holy see (The Holy See is the universal government of the Catholic Church and operates from Vatican City State, a sovereign, independent territory. The Pope is the ruler of both Vatican City State and the Holy See).

The jewish bankers saw themselves as profiting from the misfortunes of those in Europe – only in the late 18th century taking in America – land development and a new industrialisation which was a new business from their usual funding of war-like rivalries between monarchs in Europe. Jewish bankers already had world dominance as all trade came through the City of London a tiny kingdom that had nothing to do with London Boroughs or indeed England that shaped its boarders.  It was a bit like the Vatican City having nothing to do with Rome or Italy – see above.

During the 18th century jewish bankers went to America and funded all the Industrialisation of America and the railways and no doubt backing both sides in the Civil War. The invention of the telephone by Tesla and the laying of cables across the seabed meant that banking firms in the City of London and Europe could better understand and manipulate conflicting ideologies – backing the 1914 uprising in Russia and supporting the Communist Revolution – jewish bankers backed Stalin and Lenin. And like the Roman Catholic Church always bank-rolled right-wing dictatorships – from South America Europe and the Middle and Far East.

The advent of the 1st world war – there was no clear reason for a war – some think that it was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo on 28 June 1914 -it was more to do with the alliances at that time – muddled confusion loyalties and old world attitudes. Debate still rages about who has the ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of war. Germany and Austria are usually regarded as the main culprits. However, unlike the second world war there is no easily identifiable bad person! Before 1914 Europe’s main powers were divided into two armed camps by a series of alliances. These were:

  • The Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy (1882)
  • The Triple Entente of Britain, Russia and France (1907)

Although these alliances were defensive in nature, they meant that any conflict between one country from each alliance was bound to involve the other countries. The fact that Germany faced a war on two fronts greatly influenced her actions during the July Crisis. By 1914 Italy was only a nominal member of the Triple Alliance. She had concluded a secret treaty with France by which she promised to stay neutral if Germany attacked France and when war broke out she stayed out. This meant that Germany had only one dependable ally, Austria-Hungary.

Who to back and where to place your bets?? The money did not go to the kings – but went into the Industrial might of both sides and the big powerhouse of American manufacturing that made billions of dollars from the Americans joining in.

The switch to invest in industry and particularly those engaged in war manufacture really took off at the 1st world war – in the second jewish bankers were  fully committed to this as a means of making huge profits. There was the war itself – and the aftermath of war all proved to be highly lucrative for American companies.

It was at the end of the second world war with England in great debt to the banks and the loss of overseas territories that the bankers fully developed a global strategy to control the finances of the world. The US spent billions of dollars in Europe – in reconstruction and development and the financial support of new industries and the fact of the continuing support of Nazism and to bring about the Nazi programme through economic means rather than war of kings.. 

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