Without Commitments – A New Beginning:

Without Commitments – A New Beginning:

You have spent four of your most important years at university- perhaps you have a bachelor’s degree in history – and now you find that your best employment is a zero hours contract without any real opportunities. There was a time when one gained a degree – that you too would get a good job marry in your thirties and carry on those nice middle-class professional social values. A BA in History Music or the Arts will get you a job as a delivery van driver on a zero hours contract and what’s worse is that competition for such low paid jobs is comes from all those men that have left the former Soviet Union. 

The ideas behind  the “Free movement of labour” were very simple: (1) The local people living in a “region” (not called a country – would over time become marginalised because they were surrounded by other people from differing economic cultural values  (2) Countries (regions are in economic competition with other regions – having a large low cost labour force meant that countries could be richer. We remember being told that the “British worker” “over paid” were pricing themselves at of European and World markets.

Perhaps you find yourself living in a damp smelly bedsit – or more likely you live at home with your parents – maybe you have a girlfriend not very likely – but if you do – you have that dream of owning your own home one day – though house prices often start at £250,000 – your dream home seems but a dream. Worse having supported you through university they can not afford the £30,000 to see you married. 

You wake up at night in you cold damp smelly bedsit – confused – you live in a world of thought and speech control – you dare not think the unthinkable. Today you have decided to think…………………………………………….

Today we have no real commitments to any one political party – all have the same agenda – and there’s no party that is free from having members from the other side within their ranks.

New Labour has about 50 or 60 per cent Conservative members within the ranks – and of course the jewish lobby to undermine the rest and to sow as much confusion as possible. The Tories are split down the middle with pro-royalists and neo-Nazi fascists and the Liberals represent the laissez-faire of British Politics.

The old are confused by the new realities and the young have no idea what is going on – they just don’t vote and increasingly the old are not voting for something that they can no longer understand. People rally to a cause that explodes in the “news” and social media – but like on any cold wet damp November night shines brightly then fizzles out and dies.

All our comments – all our sense of direction as a country has all but been wiped out. This has been very very deliberate – we have been invaded by stealth – by stealth – not by war and conflict – though we have a para-military police to quell any rebellion – it has been by stealth – not to wake us up.

We have been fed dis-information and lies – even those that support Aticle-61 have been lied too for once the “crown” has gone what stops a full invasion? Nothing. Worse there are no politicians not even Jeremy Corbyn dares speak the truth if that is he knows what’s going on. We are without any leadership – over the last 70 years we have seen everything stripped away and all our politicians become mere puppets – of masters that hide in the shadows.

We ultimately have the power – if we but grasp it. We need to gather together and take over our lives once again. the problems are many – how do we build self-sustaining communities? How do we provide for the well fair of all? We need sustainable agriculture and a money system that does not create wealth out of thin air that only benefits a small number of people.

Above we need a sense of direction a sense of commitment and to take charge of our own destiny again. We do not need to form a new party – which is subject to all the old rules and customs –  we just have to work collectively and clearly and to work with others to build a better world than the prison we are in now.



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