What Is Thinking?

With two kids this can be very expensive £74,000 per year in addition to the clothes books sports gear etc.. say £160,000 per year. Well beyond the working and middle-class. Again you are educated to have an idea of your innate superiority and that you will be in a position of power and authority Family name and birthright are your tickets to a good life – and you may not even have to “work.” You may go straight into the family business where you are taught to manage the family money and other investments so that they return a profit.

New rich people arise all the time as entrepreneurs as celebrities or by winning the lottery – they are not too comfortable sending their kids to an expensive private school so often have them educated at home – or in very small select schools and in their teens may move into a class of wealth to which the family can afford.

The fact is that whatever “class” you come from it has been pre-determined and pre-conditioned by external forces that just process you like a tin of chicken curry.

To suggest that people so conditioned can think freely is not true – their world their reality is conditioned by their environment. To suggest that any of these people are “free”is an illusion. The conditional reality of our society in its totality is “work to make yourself better (rich). That is the conditional overriding reality of modern Britain and has been the main biophilosophy for 400 hundred years.

Modern education is to train you to accept the reality of standards and norms within your chosen academic field – be that chemistry engineering physics political theory economics – where “theories” are accepted as fact and not to be challenged or questioned or even thought about.

Your career progression is entirely dependent on accepting the realities in which you have been taught. Your entire world view is a fiction in which people base their status (wealth and privilege) to which you believe in – simply because you have been conditioned to believe and accept everything without any clear thought or understanding of your reality your entire life.

Your nightmare is that you will lose it all – lose of wealth credit worthiness status home family and friends. You can not fall up – you can only fall down and this fear keeps you in control. Most if not all are in self-denial of this fact. Of all life. Your ability to think clearly is seriously undermined.

Thinking is also a matter of perception – your mind-set that filters what you hear see taste touch and experience – and determines your thinking processes. Many people are unable to read this simply because their mind-set filters out much of the content so there’s no clear interpretation of what is written. Peoples vocabulary is classed-based – with pre-conditional meanings and word associations.

Some people have difficulty dealing with a sentence containing more than three words – others fifty – I avoid one hundred and eighty word sentences as I lose most people – sticking to about fifty or sixty words. People’s comprehension the ability to stay “with it” varies enormously.

To the question how is it a self arises when all the brain is a trillion of cells that “spark” for less than a millisecond? the answer is very very simple – we have our memories from both parents of past generations and more importantly we have needs for survival – a baby needs food warm shelter nappy changing – all these are desires to survive.

The brain is not a machine with no one in it – consciousness is exists – and develops over time as that baby grows in awareness to it’s environment. Your brain cells spark with some pre-determined pathways to enable you to grow and survive. These neural pathways are set through your DNA and triggered by you environment – financial status of your parents – the society in which you find yourself – its rules customs codes its mores – all determine your “becoming” who you are.

We are creatures of habit from that moment when sperm went into the egg – pre-determined possibilities and probabilities not logic which comes much later in life when neural pathways have been set in the cement of life.

Your ability to think is dependent on your own enthusiasm passion and interest – you tend to skip reading and thus learning by looking for your own interests and perhaps confirmation that all is well within your reality – your world. Most people do not think – they don’t have too – they have been trained since birth to behave in a certain pre-determined preconditioned way.

To be able to think clearly – you need to know yourself. How you came into existence to were you are now. To accept that reality. Not to be in conflict with it. No blame no praise. You need to develop a habit of mind that does not habitually accept all you hear and see in the media – to question the behaviours of those around you. To look at your world with fresh eyes and not go through your days dream-like and watch your habitual mind as it has a want to trick you.

Be Happy!!

हे व्हो एन्लिघ्तेन्स

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