What Is Thinking?

The first fact that you may consider is that your mother became pregnant the DNA of both parents created “you” where you gained knowledge and experience from your forbears transmitted in that DNA. That birth process was initiated when that single sperm entered the egg that set in motion a great explosion of events that created your body and created your mind. Can you imagine a “Brain” without a “Mind?”

You are going to “become” a doctor because your father’s a doctor and his father and his father and his father – you are going into teaching because because because – you are going into the military because because because………………….. Somewhere down that long long road “you” have done it all before……………………………….

All your “past lives” are becoming simply because you have been born and you have been born in successive generations – the environment has been suitable for your repetitive behaviours with rigid social and economic rules and regulations or you become adaptive. Monkeys are monkeys lions are lions elephants are elephants human beings are human beings which did not arise out of another species – in fact there has been no new species in the last several million years and all species are under threat of complete extinction by human beings.

Nature your DNA always produces the “sameness” though the environment changes – and that sentient organism which is “you” adapts to a very changing world. Other life forms on this planet are not so lucky a lion is a lions is a lion and like all species will not be able to adapt and will be wiped out by man. The fact is man kills all other life forms on this planet as part of is behaviours.

“People” are doing things that they have done for generations – the jewish banker elite – and they were always disliked – “The Edict of Expulsion” was a royal decree issued by King Edward I of England on 18 July 1290 expelling all Jews from the Kingdom of England a bit of history your not going to be taught in school. People rarely mingle and tend to settle in national identity “zones” just as people settle into economic groups within societies.

By the time your 4 – your character is pretty well defined – all you need now is the code to be activated to “become you.” From the age or 4 or 5 you are educated on the basis of your class – on your parents income on their status. Working class kids have a poor diet poor clothing – many have a single parent living on benefits – living on food banks is quite common-place in the Britain at this times as it slowly but surely sinks back to the 17th century. A lack of food prevents the development of mind and body – inability to concentrate inability to sit still inability to concentrate – and no or little home work.

Throughout that child’s life they are given a set standard information – a belief system. By the time they reach their teens they are often not going to school – they have failed school but more importantly the school system has failed them – it failed to nourish and care for their body and mind and failed to inspire them and to encourage them.

If your middle-class things are slightly better – both parents are working you have good food so your body and mind can grow – because you have “educated” parents perhaps university educated (a 60s child) then your parents are educated enough to help you with your homework – their expectations are that you will follow their path.

You have been streamed through your school years – thought of as a bright intelligent individual that will go all the way – to university which is your primary goal in life because it was your parents. By your own diligence you have managed to get into the top form and by dint of hard work your studying to get ten “A” Levels. And you then apply to to or three universities.

If your from the aristocracy the ruling elite – your family name and wealth are the key to your employment success – not your academic abilities. Your parents can afford to send you to Oxford or Cambridge – even without any “A” levels – it money and the prestige of your parents money that’s important. Of course you eat well – watered down wine for dinner since six years of age – you have impeccable manners fine clothes are car when your 17 and all your friends and acquaintances are all within your narrow band of your class.

You spend your time in country pursuits hunting shooting and fishing – and much of your holidays on a big yacht in the Med. You never have to wash your clothes you have servants for your every needs. Eton Westminster St. Paul’s Harrow Oundle Wellington and Brighton College:

  • Eton College. Annual fees: £37,602.

  • Harrow School. Annual fees: £37,350. …

  • Westminster School. Annual fees: £36,462. …

  • Winchester School. Annual fees: £36,678. …

  • The City of London School. Annual fees: £14,886. …

  • Ampleforth Abbey and College. Annual fees: £32,733. …

  • Charterhouse School. Annual fees: £36,774. …

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