Brexit – The Usurpation of Power

Brexit – The Usurpation of Power

In the past – our kings and queens held absolute power and all the privileges that life could bring. Her or his advisors were a small group of trusted advisers – those that had experience of the world which at that time were usually the rivalries of other monarchs. The “Crown” represented by king or queen owned all the land as the crown still does to this day.The crown owns all church lands apart from the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster.

An  important part of their oath to become queen or king – is to be the defender of the realm – the defender of the “Crown.” That “crown” is there to defend us against invasion or taken over by a foreign power. It protects king or queen but also protects all of us that dwell on crown lands. when we signed up to the EU as an Economic Union – little did we realise that this was a Nazi plan written up in the 1930s.

Since that time every public institution from councils hospitals schools our courts of common law justice and police has been turned into a private for profit corporation – this is the basis of civil or maritime law found in Europe. we do not have “police men and women – we have “Police Officers” a para-military force as is found in Europe.

What have the people gained through parliamentary democracy? Free education free health Care a State Pension provision for the unemployed and sick and disabled – and of course public housing. all of which lasted but 10 years before all that was stripped away. There is nothing remaining for the public good and what remains is but a shadow of what was intended.

We have slowly but surely been driven back to the 17th century by neo-Nazi Entrepreneurs with a laissez-faire attitude towards every aspect of life – ie the commercialisation and the bringing in of European Civil Law and Customs – to create the Nazi State of Europe where we will just be called “Economic Region E.”

Our Queen has given Royal Seal of Approval for the destruction of Britain. Perhaps she has been ill-advised – perhaps her mind has been befuddled for years?? Perhaps she has forgotten her oath??? It seems very likely that all these factors have caused us the people to lose so much and to have been brain-washed that things can only get better.

Post Brexit and the Nazis in the Tory and Labour Party want a new referendum –  they do not like the people voting – the Tory Party has always had two warring factions (1) The Royalists – supporting the Queen and (2) The neo-Nazis – supporting a “Greater Germany.”

Even within the ranks of the Labour Party this has been infected with neo-Nazis that want to see the complete destruction of Britain – or the United Kingdom and we all can not flee to the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster which is Independent of the EU or all immigrate to  Jersey – which is owned by the Crown – which begs the question will the monarch be forced to abdicate and surrender all crown property?

Post Brexit and the arguments still go on. We don’t have a socialist government that cares for the people – all we have in power are fascists whose only care is for themselves and to further enslave people. that’s you and me.

Post Brexit and we want:

  • Hospitals back in the Public Domain
  • Councils back in the Public Domain
  • Schools back in the Public Domain
  • Police men back in the Public Domain
  • Parliament back in the Public Domain
  • Transport Water and Energy back in the Public Domain
  • A National Public Postal Service back in the Public Domain
  • All Government Departments back in the Public Domain


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