The Deluded Left

The Deluded Left

Why is it that so many on the “left” wish to remain in the EU? It can not be because they are “Socialists” perhaps they still delude themselves with old Communist ideology without knowing where that ideology originated. The “Left” as always is preoccupied with ideology and not the wishes aspirations of the people.

Do they wish to remain in the EU because they see it as “Socialist?” The EU is a purely right-wing fascist organisation that is purely capitalist. Perhaps they want to live in a Totalitarian Military State?”

The research by Focaldata shows that Labour voters are by far the biggest group to shift, with a net number of over 1.4m Labour voters that voted Leave in the 2016 referendum switching in favour of staying in the EU. The research shows that three out of ten Labour voters that voted leave in the referendum would now vote to stay in the EU, and that trend is set to continue.

Perhaps it’s because there has been no clear leadership within the Tory Party which has been split in the middle – the neo-Nazis that wish to remain and the royalists that wish to leave – and we must also accept that Labour has been in the control of the conservative neo-fascists for many many years.

Public sentiment has been hugely affected by the lack of progress made so far and the neo-fascists at grass roots level telling Labour supporters to reject the democratic vote. The majority of Labour Members of Parliament wanted to remain in the EU – and clearly they are the Tories that have infiltrated the Labour Movement – and far from being on the “left” of British politics and being firmly on the right – they get the media on their side.

Also we have to face the extreme right-wing of the jewish wing of the Labour Party – which has kept up a screaming howl against those that support Jeremy Corbyn – who rightly supports the leave campaign of the EU.

The jews within the Labour Party have a set agenda to discredit  Jeremy Corbyn as “anti-semitic” – which clearly he is not – the jewish element within the Labour movement are clear – in that they want to establish a right-wing agenda for the Labour Party and will spread lies and disinformation to get their way.

Furthermore today marks the day of the (*) Nakba 71 years ago. With over 100 years in the planning the Zionists moved from Russia into Europe plotting the existence of the racist apartheid colony of israel. With the help of the British government they succeeded. Millions have suffered since all over the world and continue to do so. Those that support the occupation are insidiously placed amongst all of us; to… The jews are not for democracy they support right-wing totalitarian forms of government and therefore are pro-Europe – which was created by the Nazis.

The majority of Labour voters in the North are pro-Britain. That’s why they voted to leave. They could see that the EU was invading by stealth – by establishing a right-wing military technocrats who were all controlled by a  centralised military power in Europe. Labour supporters in the North also support the monarchy – something which Southerners do not support having been misguided by the neo-Nazis and jews within the Labour Party.

There are many on the “right” of the party that wish to leave the EU – but clearly there is a lot of mis-information and lies going on. It’s as if the MSM have decided to label Labour (traditionally left-wing) as “right-wing” – further confusing those within the Labour Movement and the public at large.

All the main stream media and Labour publications support a right-wing agenda. It is the only voice that labour and the public at large get to hear. What people need to know and remember is that those that do not support the democratic will of the British people are your enemies – they have their own agenda which is the support of a Military Totalitarian State.

(*) Nakba Day: Palestinians mark 71st anniversary of the ‘catastrophe’


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