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For most people that have seen a spaceship – they always ask “How do they do that?” Fly with no noise – hover – travel at speeds greater than conventional military aircraft and dart about our skies without fear of our gravity. But the most important question is “How do they fly?” In the early 80s i had the experience of a spacecraft perhaps 800 hundred yards wide – jet black and travelling at about walking speed 50ft above the bungalow in West Sussex I was living in at that time. As it past over my head – the air felt warm and tingly – at that time it was incomprehensible to me – and has burned in my brain as a memory never to be forgotten.

“How was this possible?” “How?” I had no idea about UFOs at that time. I did not then spend half a life-time buried in UFO research. In fact I dismissed it from my mind. In fact it has been only in the last three years with an interest in history geology and archaeology that re-awakened my interest. Now billions of people round the world have a “smart phone” and hundreds of thousands around the world take photos of spaceships – and one quickly realises that they they are “common-place.”

This then begs the question – why are governments around the world so tight-lipped? Even when their top research scientists and military personnel coming out and giving press – media disclosure? They are tight-lipped for several reasons:

(1) Spaceships invade our airspace without any concerns;
(2) They are not that bothered by our fighter jets who can do nothing about them;
(3) They can shut down missile silos and shut down the electronics of intercepting military aircraft.

In short we are completely defenceless against their comings and goings. Every nation is on high alert for the last fifty years – but they have not invaded or blown up the planet. Though for high ranking and very conservative generals – this is a distinct possibility. From a military perspective – this is an every day reality THREAT. A real threat. The cover-up is due in part to this perceived “threat” which has not materialised in fifty years or for hundreds of millions of years.

So why else would you not wish to disclose the existence of spacecraft? Everyone that has seen a spacecraft comments “How do they do that?” Clearly they are not running their spacecraft on diesel or unleaded fuel. No exhaust and near silent? So the burning question is “how do they do that?” How do they propel themselves through space whiz around our plant everyday without the need to pop into a petrol station? The Americans deployed high frequency radar beams are brought a few down then tucked them away from prying eyes to investigate just that.

Robert Lazar  in May 1989, appeared in an interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS, under the pseudonym “Dennis” and with his face hidden, to discuss his purported employment at “S-4”, a subsidiary facility he claimed exists near United States Air Force facility Area 51.

He said the facility was adjacent to Papoose Lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake, and included concealed aircraft hangars built into a mountainside. He said that he was involved in the reverse engineering of one of nine flying saucers. Lazar appeared unmasked and under his own name in a subsequent interview with Knapp in November of that year. It’s very clear that having spacecraft from the late 40s that American Military scientists have not been able to duplicate the technology for the past thirty years.

What would happen if they did? It would revolutionise our energy usage on a global scale – no oil – no petrol no diesel no jet fuel and no rocket fuel. The world is currently controlled by the oil dollar – and that would mean it would be worthless. Think about it for a moment. A currency that was worth zero.

There are about four families from old European jewish stock that own ninety per cent of the earth’s resources and control the global financial system. There hold on the planet would vanish overnight if this technology became available to all. “Free Energy” would cause every Capitalist economy to collapse over night and far from being an “elite” they would be reduced to the same state as ordinary people – struggling to survive.. at this date all  who have claimed to have discovered free energy have either been murdered or their equipment stolen or have been shut down in some way.

Clearly some organisation has a “vested interest” in killing off all free energy. If we can imagine that they American Military Industrial Complex – which is owned and controlled by these few families had discovered a free energy propulsion system through reverse engineering of spacecraft – then it would serve their best interests to keep that fact very very secret.

Today millions of people capture spacecraft on their smart phones – and people are smart enough not to be told that this is just a weather balloon or marsh gas. More people are asking how do they fly without a sound – how do they travel so fast – this begs the question what energy system are they using – and it is the  last question why there is so much secrecy.

The British and the Americans and French are slowly admitting the existence of spacecraft in our skies – they are not willing to admit that they have spacecraft or that they have reverse engineered them – that would be too much of a shock to a world kept in poverty and suffering whilst a few families have profited from so much human suffering and misery and that all wars we have had have just been for control of oil and for profit.

Is disclosure coming soon? To answer this we have to say is that when every one accepts that spacecraft exist and are visiting us on a daily basis – then we can ask – what has the elite discovered in regard to free energy – and that seems to be a long way off at this time.

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