Keep track of UFO sightings

Keep track of UFO sightings

We may well wonder why it is that astronomers with a PhD do not see UFOs. The answer is very very simple – they are collectively blind and entirely completely stupid. Worse and this is much worse – they all share the same mind-set. So it may be asked where do these clowns oops “clones” come from? Are they born stupid? are they born mentally blind? And why is is that they are all identical clones? This is one of life’s greatest mysteries – perhaps I need to look in my radio telescope!

For the past 100 years – pilots have recorded spacecraft – spaceships or flying saucers – yet artists have recorded them in paintings – and if we go further back – spaceships and beings from other planets have been clearly depicted – and that some time in the distant past we ourselves were genetically modified to be who we are now. It’s clear from archaeological evidence that “man” has been around for hundreds of millions of years.

We know that the gravitational field around earth has fluctuated over many many millions of years – fossils indicate giant 1.5 metre long centipedes – wood lice – and the fact of giant trees existed hundreds of millions of years ago and in deed there were giants living at that time – even 3,500 years ago. Giants have been found on every continent – even in Britain.

As startling as these discoveries are we have evidence that the US Military Industrial Complex have had perhaps seven spaceships and for the last sixty to seventy years have been doing their best to reverse engineer them. We have no idea what the British military are doing – clearly there is evidence of some crash retrievals – but as yet no one has discovered where they are taken – perhaps up to Scotland…………. 

Most if not all those that are involved in any research look to the American Military Industrial Complex – Area-51 or S4 Right Patterson Air base and so on. In Britain this field has the highest security clearance even to this day.

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