What Is Gravity?

What is Gravity?

When scientists talk of the gravitational pull of planets – they are actually talking about the magnetic attraction of planets. Everything in our universe contains ore. Ore is a rock that contains minerals like iron, gold, or lead.

There’s no natural source of pure iron on earth – iron ore comes to us from meteorites Banded iron formations may contain iron in carbonates  rite or ankerite) or silicates (minnesotaite, greenalite, or grunerite), but in those mined as iron ores, oxides (magnetite or hematite) are the principal iron mineral.

Iron acts as a magnet when its atoms are all aligned in the same way. It either attracts or repels and there is always a field at either end. All planetary bodies contain iron ore and all planets have some magnetic iron. Atoms when all are aligned produce a wave of energy magnets produce an electric current an electric field it is this electric charge that ignites planets and suns and creates the gravitational pull on planets – including our own earth… Gravity is just an electromagnetic field.

The fact that with liquid iron ore all the molecules are aligned creating a large magnetic field and generating a vast amount of electricity that ignites stars. All molecules all atoms all particles all sub atomic particles vibrate and create some measure of electricity. To understand the universe we need to grasp – understand energy frequency and vibration and the alignment of molecules. The movement of electrons causes electricity and magnetism  and every electric current has its own magnetic field.

So what is Energy Frequency and Vibration?

  • Energy = the electromagnetic energy caused by the alignment of molecules
  • Frequency = the rate per second of a vibration constituting a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves).
  • Vibration = periodic back-and-forth motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium- as in sound waves vibrating a disk.

Magnetism can be increased by increasing the  electric current or voltage.  So you want to travel in outer space? All you need do is pulse a beam of charged particles with all molecules aligned to attract your space ship – thus drawing you through space. You can have a pulsed beam to draw you up and another beam to the rear to give you reverse. The more energy you apply the faster you will travel – in the vacuum of space getting from one end of the universe to another would be measured in nanoseconds.

The problem is being able to generate sufficient electrical energy to create a strong enough magnetic field on which to travel. So how do we create “free energy?” Electromagnetic energy is everywhere – in deed we live in an electric universe – so how do we tap into that vast energy supply? A problem perplexing the minds of many.

Electromagnetic energy is made when an atom is aligned with other atoms and thus gives off creates energy. The created energy causes one or more electrons to change their locale within the atom. When the electron returns to its original position, no electromagnetic wave is produced. It is the alignment of atoms in all the same way that creates electricity and magnetism.

What we need is some material that’s going to attract the electricity that is all around us. Hard Drawn Copper is a good conductor of electricity because it has free electrons – an electrical charge has little resistance at an atomic level. Too much electricity will generate sufficient heat to melt the copper. Rather than attracting electricity how to generate it freely? Without melt down – by dissipating the heat and risk of fire? At this time I’ve not thought of a solution to this problem.

Gravity or electromagnetic energy. The earth’s magnetic field varies – and some places on the earth indicate very low magnetic or gravitational fields. This is caused by changes in the magma or liquid iron ore – gravity or electromagnetic force has not always been so constant a weak gravitational field means plants and animals can grow bigger increase in size as we see in dinosaurs and large giant humans that inhabited our planet and of course very large trees and plants.

The electromagnetic force around the earth has significant impact on the size of all organic life – giant dragon flies etc.. The strength of this force when increasing will make it very difficult for large animals to move around without increasing their bone and muscles. The earth cools and molecules start to bunch up within all life forms. Eventually adaption will occur – smaller reptiles will emerge birds will get smaller and so too the dinosaurs man trees and plants. Less effected would be sea creatures – water has it’s own bouncy. species adapt to their environment no new species come into existence.

Did we go to the moon?

Gravity on the moon is very weak because the moon contains less iron ore and thus less molecules aligned to create a magnetic field. With the absence of an atmosphere there can be no thrust from tiny rocket engines that if fired would quickly die out because of no oxygen and the extreme cold. At -270.45 Celsius this would be extremely cold and to generate sufficient heat to sustain life on the planet it would effectively melt conventional materials found in their space suits made in the 60s.

One would naturally ask what source of heat was used to heat the space suits? The helmets? This would require a great deal of energy which would have to be replaced by their little lander rechanging their batteries – which would require a lot of energy. One could say NASA had free energy in the 60s but has failed to share it with us. Or as most people think no man has ever set foot on the moon. I am of the opinion based on hard science that no man ever set foot on the moon.




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