The Human Mind

Sentience has a duration of milliseconds. The mind repeats and repeats and repeats and thus gives rise to the thought that we have consciousness sentience all the time. We have repetitive consciousness – a rebirth of mind.

Yet for most people on the planet caught up with their daily existence they are unable to see what is going on and no scientists can see simply because they are conditionally blind. They do not understand the human mind. They do not understand the reality of their continued existence and they do not understand the mind.

A Test:

I have a test for you – if your smart enough. Place a loo roll – the centre roll the cardboard tube on a plastic tray. The sit down. Raise your knees alternatively so you move the tray. Now observe the cardboard tube and tell me what it does. Leave your comments below (you need to be logged in).

Why is it that you think your mind is continuous? That reality – the world in which you are born grow old and die is continuous? Some simple examples to help you grasp this reality.

  1. If you make the sound of a “click” it has a beginning a tiny duration and then an end where it ceases to exist. Snap your fingers so you are in the same reality. Now if you speed up those “clicks” you will eventually find they produce a continuous sound. Sound is a vibration of many clicks.

  2. If you have a light bulb – we may put a low charge to the light bulb in one tiny moment of imput – the light bulb may light up dependent on the current but it will only light up for a millisecond – it may “spark” or “flash” for a short period of time. As one increases the current it makes little difference all you will see is a spark – it’s only when you increase the duration of the current that it appears to be a continuous light source.

  3. Early films were based on still images that were speeded up to give the impression of movement. 12 frames per second to 60 frames per second create the illusion of movement.

Everything in our universe vibrates our eyes vibrate about 200 beats per second we can see objects that only “exist” for 1/220th of a second. Any faster we can not “see” objects and all objects vibrate and have their own frequency. One can slow down the frequency vibration of the eyes and see individual frames – but this over stimulates the cells and then you can’t see anything and have to close your eyes and rest them. You need to be a master of meditation to do this.

One’s eyes are hit with varying wavelengths ping ping ping and your eyes receive them and process them ping ping ping. That rate of “ping” gives the impression of continuous sight. In fact our entire sensory cells – including our brain requires no continuous stimulation otherwise they cease to function.

What about me? I hear you ask. As long as you get energy and you vibrate at a frequency your alive and well and happy. The truth is “you” as a sentient life form only exist for a millionth of a second. A flash of energy a spark a duration and then you die endlessly repeated throughout your “life.” Ping. Ping. Ping. This is the reality of the human mind.

Be Happy!


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