The Human Mind

We are a product – no – rather an “evolving sentient being” which is the result of all previous generations of sentient life and you learn acquire experience then you mate then produce children who are much like yourselves and they too will carry “you” forward into the next generation with all that you learned and experienced.

The human mind is thus complex and unified whole – but it has to live and work within a prescribed set of functions created by the social order ruling at that time – to create “individuals” who will go on to produce offspring that will continue in the path of their parents.

This is called conditional reality. The divisions of social order stretch back many many thousands of years – millions of years the elites have a continuum and you as a working slave have a continuum. That is the reality in which we are all born grow old then die – to be reborn in all your offspring. A working man may pick up the broom – the handle and the brush changes over generations but not the man or the boy. So it is with all mankind. This is the reality – the truth for all human sentient existence.

Most if not all people are living in a conditional reality in which all previous generations are living – your father and his father and his father are sitting on your shoulders unseen while you do your work tasks and entertain yourselves in an habitual predetermined way.

All your likes and dislikes are created by your parents and all previous generations and now you have become more specialised than all previous generations that have gone on before. Your skill set has been much reduced to a specialist working insect that lives breeds socialises and is amused all within the hive to which you can not escape – and most humans have no desire to escape. Your chains are your financial debts and your fears of change.

The human mind believes that everything is continuous. Like time. Like light – like all life life is a continuous flow of experience. This is the human delusion. Time does not exist outside the human mind and light does not travel through time or space and existence is not continuous.

The human mind pretends that its ideas are real thus inventing things that have no existence – to imagine an idea that exists only in the mind can create a black hole is human folly – if not gross stupidity. And speaking truthfully and factually to you quantum mechanics and quantum physics is all complete bullshit. If your making your life work or your career or reputation in this field – then you are far far away from reality. You have failed grossly.

Scientists that have studied the brain have failed to understand what is going on because they can not see what is going on because of their preconceived conditional thoughts they notice that the brain is filled with neurons each flashing on and off due to sensory stimulation but fail to understand the significance of this.

These neural flashes occur very fast – and for us at conscious level have no idea what is going on. I learned all this from being a meditation master. We exist not as a continuum – but only for a very very very tiny moment. In fact the whole of our reality lasts – has a duration of milliseconds. We are only “alive” for milliseconds.

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