The Creation Of The Universe

The Creation Of The Universe

Most people accept the theory of the creation of the universe due to a big bang. An explosion. And that nothing existed prior to this event. Nothing here means ZERO. An explosion needs an ignition of matter – of material which needs to be ignited by some energy – if there was nothing – there was no energy source and not matter or condensed material. So no big bang. that’s the short answer – a longer one follows:

The universe is too big for us to measure – and no valid reference point can be discovered for the epicentre of such an explosion. What we can say is that our galaxy is growing – but we have no clear idea why it’s doing so – but the truth is the universe is not expanding – so the idea the theory of a Big Bang is just another myth that many closed minds scientists cling too and further confuse their limited intelligence with CGI models.

Scientists cling to the idea that energy and matter is moving away from that point of explosion. The magnitude of the blast would be tremendous – and if we think we have found the epicentre then clearly we would have been blown to bits. Anyone dealing with explosives will tell you that they happen in milliseconds – not trillions of years.

What’s even worse for scientists is that they have no real understanding of “mass” or what is “energy” and have no idea of Einstein’s E = mc2 – there is no speed of light and there is no real understanding of “mass” and no real understanding of “energy.” It’s just one of those theories that modern scientists take as fact. Energy is not the same as matter! 

If we took a shotgun cartridge according Einstein – the energy stored in the cartridge should be equal to the mass or weight of the cartridge. As there is no speed of light we shall not confuse or fudge the issue.  Shotgun slugs (12 gauge) achieve typical velocities of approximately 1,800 fps for 1-oz. (437.5 grain) slugs, for an energy of over 3,100 ft-lbs (4,200 J). In contrast, a .30-06 bullet weighing 150 grains at a velocity of 2,600 fps achieves an energy of 2,250 ft-lbs (3,051 J). Most 12-gauge shells contain 1 ounce, 1 1/8-ounce, or 1¼-ounce loads. Clearly the energy released by a 12 gauge shotgun is a great deal more than the energy produced.

If we look at “mass” are we referring to it’s weight or size? A common brick is much lighter than a bar of gold the same size. What about energy? All atoms all particles contain energy – they are all in an agitated state of vibration. If your a doctor like me consider a cancer cell – it vibrates at frequency different from normal cells around it. You can destroy cancer cells by disrupting there frequency of vibration – eliminating the need of drugs surgery or radio therapy. Sadly no medical research scientist is doing any research because they are all employed in the pharmaceutical industry to make drugs to make a profit.

Does mass equate with the volume of an object? A blown balloon has a weight much like a feather but the balloon has more volume or “mass”. “Mass” is an idea like any other – and serves no useful purpose simply because it can not be measured and quantified. Energy. There are many differing types of energy from radio waves nuclear energy within atoms and particles as there is in energy from an exploding shotgun blast. Energy can not be quantified without knowing its source of origin and to speak of energy as energy is an illusion.

Do objects store energy? Yes and this energy is measured by the heat radiating from an object – this heat is the agitated molecules atoms and particles. When an object is frozen the molecules atoms and particles bunch up. But they still contain and agitated state to make the “thing”we see with our eyes – the frozen ice of a lollipop or frozen beef burgers or chips or chicken breast. The void of space is much colder than your freezer – a fact scientists overlook! Heat radiates but not in your fridge or in space which is a lot colder –270.42 °C  so there’s no radiant heat travelling across the universe.

Cold Energy: All we know about energy it comes from heat – as does light – is there energy that is cold? No. There is no such thing as cold energy. Everything in our universe vibrates at differing frequencies – everything even sub-atomic particles they are all in an agitated state and produce heat. You can apply heat to merge metals or apply frequency that changes their structure.

The molecules become agitated and open wider – and with frequency we can change matter of the metal – sound waves can break glass crack walls and dissolve buildings and turn them into dust. sounds used to be made by beating and object or by blowing air over a reed – now sounds are produced electronically and can have a devastating effect on material objects and the human mind and body. Frequency modulation can be used in medicine as well as a weapon of war which seems the only real application at this time.

For an explosion to exist it needs material and combustible energy It needs a “trigger” to release that combustible energy which will ignite the material.. There is no arguing this fact. Something can not be created out of nothing zero plus zero = zero – we may logically think that matter existed in the universe – the void prior to an explosion. The matter got so condensed that this generated heat and that matter then exploded. Then to suggest that having exploded bits would form planets some of which are blazing and some are icy cold and some are near a sun and that some trillions of them form life – is amazing. Especially when you consider that space is supposed to be a vacuum devoid of anything and to make matters worse is freezing cold!!!

There is no heat in space. It’s freezing cold – so this puts back the supposed explosion trillions of trillions of years ago. Or we have Quadrillion, Quintillion, Sextillion, Septillion, Octillion, Nonillion, Decillion, Undecillion, Duodecillion, Tredecillion, Quattuordecillion, Quindecillion, Sexdexillion, Septendecillion, Octodecillion, Novemdecillion, Vigintillion. Take your pick – they all mean the same thing – meaningless.

The Big Bang Theory means that it was a one-off event never to be repeated. When the energy from the initial explosion where its energy is depleted then what? The entire universe then dissipates?  Dissolves?.

If you fired a shotgun into the void of space – the explosive force will drive out burning cotton and gasses and also propel the very very hot balls of lead out into space – each lead ball will contain heat energy and when that energy runs out the balls will cease to move. Are we the ignited cotton? These particles would burn up and go out no more flame no more mass no matter no material to burn.

If you had a conventional rocket relying on fuel combustion – it would not move in the vacuum of space. The rocket engine may not fire up not ignite as there is no oxygen in space – there is no oxygen on the moon so how by firing tiny rockets did the astronauts return to their mother ship many many thousands of miles circulating the moon?There would have to be thrust and with no atmosphere there will be no thrust. Think use your brain! Your science professors a too stupid to teach you to think!!!

The universe is a singular event that can not be repeated. To suggest that the matter flung out in  the universe would some how contract without any energy and then compress to form heat and another explosion a Big Bang is impossible. All the energy would have gone outward and no particles are attached by an elastic band to bring all mass all matter or all material back to that compression point.

Who pulled the trigger? Who pressed the button? And like the majority of western scientists you all have a christian upbringing so you all naturally think some one or some sentient being created the universe. We can all have imaginative stories:

There are many more from around the world to choose from. The theory of the Big Bang is just many hundreds of creation myths as man tries to figure out how this universe was created.

I have no idea how the universe was created – when some smart arse asked the Buddha his reply was quite simple “I have no idea and I don’t care – what is important is freeing your minds from the chains of human suffering,”

At the end of the day – we will never know how or why or who created the universe – we are here – as a species we are not living in harmony with planet earth – a species dies every day through our actions and through our ignorance. We do much without thinking through our actions – greed for profit and ignorance of the results of actions.

Speculative minds are not focused on the real issues that confront us as a species. I am not impressed with scientific minds – who pursue only that which entertains their minds. You are merely masturbating.

Scientists today no longer have any imagination they have all become fixed in their views and no longer are capable of any realistic thoughts – the right theorems maths on their white boards over make pretty cgi models and make a large number of assumptions which have have no place in reality. Everything is but an abstraction of some other theoretical model which has no reality.

One could say specialisation is for chickens – one part of their brain searching for seeds they other making sure they are not lunch. You become your thoughts. Your thoughts create your realities – your world and that world is an illusion of self. You identify yourself with your functions at work your functions in the laboratory or with teaching students to become just like you – or you write papers on subjects that are acceptable to your esteemed colleagues. You have a status a position in life without any free thought. For your students they may well question why are their professors so stupid? They are stupid because they were taught by stupid professors. Rather than teach students to think for themselves universities are turning out graduates that are unable to think – and that is the saddest fact of life.

You are a astrophysicist a biochemist a quantum-physicist a narrow specialist much like our chicken. Me am a Scientist a Buddhist an Artist a Writer a Doctor a Philosopher a Human Being a Buddha – I am the wolf – there is no ego conceit you work as a slave and do not forget your slavery.


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