Is This You????

Most people are locked into main stream media – glued to their television set of an evening or their smart phones 24 hours per day seven days a week 365 days of the year. Human consciousness is soaked with continuous entertainment and and selfish interests. We have no idea what’s going on in the world – and what you need to worry about is not what’s in the news that’s just fabricated – more importantly it’s what’s left out of the news.

All media on a  global scale is slowly but surely coming under state control. The internet will just look like a regular television channel with constant advertisements and selected content for your specific consumption – youtube will show less and less alternative media claiming it’s ding it to protect you from face news – Google too will increasingly limit your searches to conventional media sites that are controlled by large corporations in America – or controlled by government as is the case  in Britain.

Thinking is being discouraged – everything is being pre-planned for you and most people have no idea that this is going on. I set up this site to be thought provoking – to stimulate your thinking – though you have a very very short concentration time – a bit like a goldfish 60 seconds is about max for most people – and if you have managed to read this far then you need to congratulate yourself.

I just don’t write to be thought provoking or just plain old provocative – I write to inform you – I don’t read any newspapers and I never watch any television – in fact I don’t even pay the television license – I just ignore all their requests all their threats and I recommend you do the same. i am no less informed – i am not spending my time being entertained and lied to every day.

I don’t have a modern smart phone which tracks my location 24 hours per day – and you should know you can not switch these phones off – they are reporting back to corporate entities 24 hours per day reporting all your  txts you send and all your photos and all your telephone conversations go directly to GCHQ and the NSA in the Americas. If you have a smart television that can also observe you through the televisions little camera and record all your conversations.

Governments the world over are increasingly be pressured by America to increase their surveillance on their citizens 24 hours per day and more importantly to control what news is given and what thoughts and ideas are promoted. Britain and America have no free journalism and no accurate news – it’s all about dis-information and promoting an agenda. America has been at war every day since the end of the 2nd world war – and continues with it’s war agenda and promotes this activity with a lot of fake news.

Having said this let’s return to the content of this site. This site contains large posts no gimmicks no advertisements and does not bother you with sign-ups or other irritating crap like many other sites – it’s also been designed to be easy to read – a consideration not followed by 12 year old kids who design other websites for their own selfish amusement and never think about you the end user.

The articles are diverse – cryptology Buddhism – The Monarchy The Nazi EU. the pound in your pocket. So if you want to be educated and informed with no fake news then this is the place for you. You can also make posts – do things much like you do in FaceBook without them reading all your posts 24 hours per day and then selling all you do for millions of US Dollars and reporting everything to the CIA and NSA. Am sure GCHQ reads everything I post here – so do read – do form a living community of open minded people and do free liberate your mind from the crap that’s fed to you every single day!

Thank you!

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