The People’s Army!!!

The People’s Army!!!

We are at war Today we live in a world of constant war. It is a war over ideologies – or how societies organise themselves into nation states. One one side you have Democratic Libertarianism and on the other Socialist Republics (not to be confused with American Republicanism). Many societies in Europe have chosen to form Socialist Republics – ie Nation States without having a monarchy where all who work within that society work for the benefits of all. So let’s look at Democratic Liberalism. The first thing to say it is the country that most supports this is America. American Liberalism was founded when in the 1770s English Americans decided to break away from England.

They believe in minimal government interference – very low taxation – personal self-enrichment – freedom to buy all the goods and services they need – and the state (governance) to provide no services – the right to bear arms – and the right to kill people in their pursuit of personal wealth. They are firmly committed to laze fair economics.

This is their view on what Democracy means:- Freedom of the individual to acquire wealth by any means – and only to be judged by their own class (peers) in a trial by jury. i.e. the same wealthy middle-class white males. This was very much the political thinking 350 years ago and still dominates American thinking today as it does the Conservatives in England.

The major difference between English Conservatives and their American Democratic Republican Counterparts is that in England they are committed to a monarchy and the Americans have a President who is head of a Republic. They both are based on laze faire economic elitism – both based on wealth gives privileges – and both recognise that great wealth puts individuals above the law.

In England the monarch is the law and so can not be judged by the law – though this does not mean that the monarch is above moral condemnation. Both are driven by the desire to create personal wealth by any means possible – without any constraints. Here in England and in Europe we have had our fair share of rebellions and revolutions – the overthrow of monarchies in Europe.

We in England have not faired so well – often defeated by betrayal and by brute force of military intervention. There has also been no clear mandate as to demands and what to do after those demands have been met – and the elite have always been very quick to nip any rebellions or revolutions at the start – and by giving the right to vote or more pay.

One has to remember that most working people were working 18 hours per day seven days a week living in appalling conditions no fresh running water no sanitation and no electric light coal fires that polluted homes as well as the skies – with children as young as five working in the mills and mines and other industries – with no compensation for industrial injuries or death and no retirement pension. Life for most people was a living hell. Industrial disease disfigurement and death were common place. For those in the industrial sector, organized labour unions fought for better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions.

The labour movement led efforts to stop child labour, give health benefits and provide aid to workers who were injured or retired. Though people made such demands – they were largely ignored by the new aristocracy that made their money from trade. For skilled workers – they were only slightly better off than the vast majority of the poor – skilled workers in Britain began organising themselves into trade unions in the 17th century (preceded by guilds in medieval times).

During the 18th century, when the industrial revolution prompted a wave of new trade disputes, the government introduced measures to prevent collective action on the part of workers – so in In 1799, the Combination Act was passed, which banned trade unions and collective bargaining by British workers and of course the army was often used to quell mass disturbances. Yet ideas were swimming about – people were increasingly frustrated by being enslaved within a system that afforded them no rights – they could not act as a collective – they could not rise up and challenge their masters revolution rebellion was very much in the air among the working classes.

Workplace militancy had also manifested itself as Luddism and had been prominent in struggles such as the 1820 Rising in Scotland, in which 60,000 workers went on a general strike, which was soon crushed. From 1830 on, attempts were made to set up national general unions, most notably Robert Owen’s Grand National Consolidated Trades Union in 1834, which attracted a range of socialists from Owenites to revolutionaries.

That organisation played a part in the protests after the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ case, but soon collapsed. In the later 1830s and 1840s, trade unionism was overshadowed by political activity. Of particular importance was Chartism, the aims of which were supported by most socialerals, although none appear to have played leading roles. Chartism was a working-class movement for political reform in Britain which existed from 1838 to 1858. It took its name from the People’s Charter of 1838 and was a national protest movement, with particular strongholds of support in Northern England, the East Midlands, the Staffordshire Potteries, the Black Country, and the South Wales Valleys. Support for the movement was at its highest in 1839, 1842, and 1848, when petitions signed by millions of working people were presented to Parliament.

The strategy employed was to use the scale of support which these petitions and the accompanying mass meetings demonstrated to put pressure on politicians to concede manhood suffrage. Chartism thus relied on constitutional methods to secure its aims, though there were some who became involved in insurrectionary activities, notably in south Wales and Yorkshire. The government did not yield to any of the demands, and suffrage had to wait another two decades. Even when the Chartists were at their strongest and were considered a real threat to the elite no Chartists demands were ever met.

Those Chartists that were for insurrection rebellion revolution were betrayed by their fellow Chartists – and government spies – today the New Chartist Movement is being formed – writing letters to MPs which largely get ignored. After the Chartist movement of 1848 fragmented and died due to a weak-minded leadership who were not that keen to rebel against the ruling elite, efforts were made to form a labour coalition. The Miners’ and Seamen’s United Association in the North-East, operated 1851–1854 before it too collapsed because of outside hostility and internal disputes over goals – proactive rebellion vs collective bargaining.

The leaders sought working-class solidarity as a long-term aim, thus anticipating the affiliative strategies promoted by the Labour Parliament of 1854. More permanent trade unions were established from the 1850s, better resourced but often less radical. The London Trades Council was founded in 1860, and the Sheffield Outrages spurred the establishment of the Trades Union Congress in 1868. The legal status of trade unions in the United Kingdom was established by a Royal Commission on Trade Unions in 1867, which agreed that the establishment of the organisations was to the advantage of both employers and employees.

Unions were legalised in 1871 with the adoption of the Trade Union Act 1871. But this did not give any more freedoms – people were still in chains in poverty bad housing and bad working conditions – but those that sort revolutionary change were largely ignored. Sadly those that sort revolutionary change were politically beheaded.

The Labour Party the Trade Unions and those associated with them were committed to leaving the system largely unchanged – only seeking better conditions for themselves. There only power was to withdraw their labour – which would have an impact on a firm’s profits and had no interest in making any revolutionary changes – much like today.

Most people believed in the monarchy and believed in an elite that was destined – empowered to rule – even the leadership within the Labour Movement and Trade Unions firmly believed in the “establishment” which treated them no different to rats in the sewers. It was only in the 1920s that any revolutionary movement came into being – and that was the Communist Party – but it never grew very far within the working-class – mostly confined to students and their teachers in UK universities.

In the 1960s to the late 1970s it had a very short flowering but quickly died out. Most on the Left had nowhere to go – joining the Labour Party seemed to be the only option – but again popular rejection of the entire system was always betrayed. So England has been stuck in a political system of a class system which has ruled for many many hundreds of years.

That system is best defined as a Monarchical Capitalist system ruled by a powerful elite. Democracy has defined is a powerful ruling elite over an unprivileged many. It is further defined as minimal government interference – low taxation or no taxation (for themselves)and a system where you have to be able to buy everything – education health care etc..

Laze fair economics are at the very root of their thinking. Modern day Socialism represents no change in the system. All it does is recognise the Socialist ideals of a free health service and social care services free education for all and better working conditions – and of course monetary equality for both sexes.

Considering that the Tories are ripping up the so-called “Welfare State” all Labour can do is focus it’s political attention on reversing these cuts. Most in the Parliamentary Labour Party are career politicians who have a vested interest in maintaining the current political and economic system to which they gain many commercial benefits.

They get rich and acquire privileges through our democratic system – which is entirely based on an elite system of government ruling those without any real power – such is the nature of democracy – stretching way back to the Greeks. The first world war and the second saw a great deal of change across Europe – mainly they all lost their monarchs – assassination or abdication – with Nation States either being Socialist Republics – Capitalist Republics – though all retain a Capitalist model – with varying degrees of Socialism/Communism.

All European States retain the old Rothschild banking systems – which ensures that all States are essentially Capitalist. What can be said of the Nazi-created European Community? One economic zone without boarders – the free movement of peoples – the elimination of Nation States and the elimination of national identity. Nations become whole are in part of an economic region “Region-A Region-B and so on which may or may not cover all are part of your Nation State.

Who rules this new vast empire? Thousands of nameless bureaucrats – that spend all their days defining rules and regulations to which go unchallenged by any courts. At the core – at the centre of this new empire is Germany – the old Nazis may well have retired – but have educated a new breed of National Socialist. The so-called “EU” is part of that growing movement of a “New World Order” and follows the plan set out by Nazis and the new Agenda-21 – and worse has links to the the genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe – there’s a separate post on this topic – and separate posts which show clearly the Nazi Plan for Europe.

This again causes us to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the jewish connection – the banks the illuminati. Are all these competing forces at war with one and other? Or are they all the same? The terrorist state of israel is at the centre of all global wars – which are backed by the UK Government and the USA. Israel plans to carve out an expanding empire in the Middle-East aided and abetted by the UK and USA – war is a very profitable enterprise and the jews make money from wars as they have always done.

What you have to understand is that there is an unchanging governance within the UK and USA – there are powerful men that dominate global finance and politics. Each group may appear to have separate origins – but all have the same agenda – the reduction and enslavement of a compliant people all of whom are slaves. This is their agenda for all people on this planet.

Make no mistake they are enacting their plans today and everyday until they reach their objectives. This demands a wake up call – it’s like being familiar with your local environment but you need to get up in an air-plane to get a clearer picture of your entire country – and the globe – have a good grasp of history politics and what forces are at work shaping the destiny of all human life on this planet. The picture does not bode well for humankind.

These people are in power right now – and are educating their next generation to pick up the mantel – and so this goes on and on – the elite send their kids to private schools to become the new masters of the universe. How can we prevent this? Not by voting. You don’t and can not vote these people out of office. They are there on a permanent basis.

Believing in the principles of “democracy” will not work – you are just voting for white wealthy male supremacy. There is a war going on for the hearts and minds of people – especially amongst those that seek to change and bring to an end this drive toward world enslavement.

There are those that preach for “peaceful change” these are your real enemies. People must grasp the reality to which is present. Nation States are being destroyed on a daily basis – war is going on twenty four hours per day seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year – it is funded by israel the USA and the UK. Make no mistake even when we leave the “EU” in twenty years we will be at war with the USA and israel.

That is a very disturbing thought for many of you – hard to accept – and none the less real. To the question how can we prevent this – we all must recognise that the only way to defeat these enemies is through revolutionary change. An overthrow of the privileged class the destruction of their breeding grounds – their private schools – and social networks – the end of the privileged aristocracy and bureaucrats that rule.

It means the end of a system that seeks to enslave all men women and children. It means the end of a centralised parliamentary democracy which promotes elitism and is the playground of the wealthy and privileged. We need to establish local control. Not National control and to root out the elite parasites that wish to make us all slaves. We do not require an elite of monarchy – an elite of privileged wealthy people – we do not require an elite breed of bureaucrats that from private schools that are taught to rule us.

We need to eradicate this. Like pulling weeds from your garden – and as long as you keep destroying those weeds we will have a healthy society. Today we see the rise of the Right on our city streets supporters of the terrorist state of israel – with Kenn D’Oudney supporting right-wing extremism – all in the name of “Democracy” which is nothing more than a white elite all powerful group of people – who in this case provoke Nazism.

Are people confused? Yes! “Free Tommy Robinson” is funded in part by MI5 – the hundred of thousands of pounds poured into social media sites is a testimony to their continued activity. This was all State-funded – though real people were involved – but all those right-wing organisations have been infiltrated now for many many years.

But why now? There is growing discontent – the demand to overthrow the government are getting louder and louder – what better means of division – people get sucked in to a campaign that has no real value – though go on FaceBook arouse others for or against – marches demonstrations – and of course there is no MSM coverage but the intelligence services spread the message far and wide.

Petitions are called – many thousands go on a demonstration which results in no change – people feel that this was a spontaneous outburst of support – little realising that the event was controlled by the security services. That they filmed the whole event – face recognition software? All those people on FaceBook? People are being deliberately manipulated – public anger is being directed and focused so that all public outrage is being wilfully dissipated.

But people are still rising up – they want their country back – they do not want their country ruled by Sharia Law – they want an end to the “for profit legal system – they want an end to the police state – and they want an end to corruption.

The people are rebelling in a positive move to end the ongoing tyranny and continued impoverishment of the British people. While the State does all in can to suppress this open revolt this open rebellion it will not stop it will continue to grow – until there is an overthrow of the state and all it’s corrupt supporters are brought to justice.

Let this growing rebellion spread – not just to the working classes but to nurses doctors teachers and others until there is an army of people that are in revolt in open rebellion that will topple the criminal elite that like a fiction rule us. We the people will win! We will have our people’s army we will defeat them! So join the rebellion – join the revolution! And we will win!!!!! .

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  1. pooky2483 says:

    In reply to the post ‘We are at war’, do you really see us actually ‘taking over’ ANY army barracks, let alone a police station. Not only do I see it as impossible, we would immediately be ‘taken out’, classed as terrorists.

  2. pooky2483 says:

    How can a rebellion get anywhere if they’re all infiltrated by MI5?

    • Skipper says:

      Peter, the police and intelligence agencies look for “threats” they film demonstrations and infiltrate social media – mushrooms grow underground – I do not wish to elaborate in an open forum

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