We are at War – The War for the World


We are at War – The War for the World

We are at war – Today we live in a world of constant war. It is a war over ideologies – or how societies organise themselves into nation states.

One one side you have Democratic Libertarianism and on the other Socialist Republics (not to be confused with American Republicanism). Many societies in Europe have chosen to form Socialist Republics – ie Nation States without having a monarchy where all who work within that society work for the benefits of all.

So let’s look at Democratic Liberalism. The first thing to say it is the country that most supports this is America. American Liberalism was founded when in the 1770s English Americans decided to break away from England. They believe in minimal government interference – very low taxation – personal self-enrichment – freedom to buy all the goods and services they need – and the state (governance) to provide no services – the right to bear arms – and the right to kill people in their pursuit of personal wealth.

They are firmly committed to laze fair economics. This is their view on what Democracy means:- Freedom of the individual to acquire wealth by any means – and only to be judged by their own class (peers) in a trial by jury. i.e. the same wealthy middle-class white males.

This was very much the political thinking 350 years ago and still dominates American thinking today as it does the Conservatives in England. The major difference between English Conservatives and their American Democratic Republican Counterparts is that in England they are committed to a monarchy and the Americans have a President who is head of a Republic.

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2 Responses to We are at War – The War for the World

  1. Skipper says:

    We don’t all march on the capital waving flags with babies in buggies – we take over the country one county at a time – (1) cut all communications (2) Take over county hall (3) take over police and army barracks – I have a detailed action plan – we can recruit all ex-soldiers who now end up sleeping on the streets – build a well trained army and just take it county by county. No trumpets blaring no drums banging and no great big demonstrations in the City. They will loose county by county and left scratching their heads wondering what’s going on – if we hold 50 per cent of the country – they are effectively fucked they can not nuke all call in the army – they don’t have enough men. We offer citizens local power and £250 week each for all over 18s and this will be enough – all taxes collected by county – a free local health service for all. There’s a lot more – take over the the banks – have a main county bank and local banks issuing interest free money and wipe out all local county debt. We can do it!

    All I need to do is win the lottery then I will start doing it!

    Be Happy!


  2. pooky2483 says:

    We need a revolution to bring changes, yet, by having a revolution, were falling right into their trap. They want us to have a revolution so they can enforce martial law, along with a shoot-to -kill policy. Then they can get on with step 1 of the writings on the Georgia Guidestones…

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