Historical Facts vs Myths:

Historical Facts vs Myths:

Through out our lives we are very much dependent on those in authority to give us meaning and a sense of history in our lives. People devote themselves to a particular topic and over time they are considered an “authority” their ideas become so entrenched that they deny the realities of historical evidence and of course every one who believes in that authority bury their heads in the sand and do not look at evidence.

Few men (and women) challenge authority – it’s much like challenging the elders of a society – the old the wise – “these people know best.” Their views get so entrenched within society that when challenges are made one is at risk of ridicule or ex-communication. Society here means any group of people with shared aims and objectives.

When challenges are made – then the devoted pack rallies round their leaders in a protective circle – they are usually silent in regard to evidence presented – choosing to ignore or deny – and would rather kick out the person that brings new light – and therefore plunging themselves into darkness and ignorance.

Dogma – Belief – Faith – Conviction – are but of many facets to self delusion. The belief in the veracity of the bible is a case in point – people believe in it as a truth and ignore the historical evidence that it is based on events that took place many hundred of thousands of years before. So too today – we have the myths of the Democracy Movement – the Peaceful lawful Dissent Movement which both fabricate a view of the world which is not true. Not true in the sense of the veracity of historical facts. They much prefer their myths and legends to the reality of factual events.

When you become a “believer” in their web of lies – you become misguided – ignorant – and can not liberate yourselves because you are a “believer” and must be witness to your faith. And of course you must show your faith to your Leadership – those in authority. They tell you that you are all free men (and women) you are believers in their cause – no matter how misguided and untruthful that cause may be – and how baseless the foundations.

Some promote Democracy – Trial by Jury and of course hose that found their belief on the rock of Magna Carta 1215 Article-61 people twist the evidence the veracity the truth for their own misguided ends – usually in a futile belief that things will change by peaceful dissent – it’s much like some one sitting on their sofa bemoaning what the see on the television – the MSN – but don’t actually get off their arse to make real changes – they bleat “we want peaceful change” and thus deny every revolutionary change that has happened throughout the history of humankind.

People swap one kind of slavery for another – people know what is going on and seek to redress those concerns – they can see that the fabric of society is being unravelled much like a ball of string and that their being slowly but surely indoctrinated to accept a reality to which they do not share. That statement applies whether you are on the so-called “Left” or “Right.” People are more aware today that society is being manipulated – conditions are being created for an event – but as yet that “event” remains unclear.

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