Democracy Defined – An English and an American Perspective

Democracy Defined – An English and an American Perspective

For much of England’s history we have been ruled by War Lords and at various times on and off by monarchs that thought they were in power by the grace of god with absolute powers and are themselves above and beyond the law. For thousands of years the population has been but bonded agricultural slaves – with no rights no say under any laws.

We had no common language – no “English” every county spoke it’s own dialect and had it’s own rules and customs. We have to look at fairly modern times – for a common language to develop – the 19th. century when at least their were more grammar schools and people who could afford them.

The Roman catholic church was the dominating factor of the life of the poor and that of our War Lords and monarchy. They taught the common language of the nobility “Latin” for without Latin their would be no communications between a monarch and the “nobility” that ruled our everyday affairs.

Of course 99.9 per cent of the population did not understand Latin – which is as true to day as say three or four hundred years ago. Much of the agreements between War Lords and monarch were all written in Latin – there was no consideration for agricultural peasants who could neither read nor write.

So let’s define democracy. For those in Greece – who had a republic it means power or rule by the people. But the people in question were an elite – they had their bonded slaves who worked in their homes in their business and on their farms – and these people had no rights at all. Democracy defined is “a privileged class ruling an unprivileged class.”

It is to be noted that women never ever entered the equation. There was no equality under the law no democracy and no trial by jury. And if you cling to the misguided view that Magna Carta supports Democracy and trial by jury you are very much mistaken. Promoting such myths is a disservice to everyone.

It is to be noted that the judgement of our peers (same class) was and is an important principle of English law – War Lords could judge War Lords free men could judge free men – but no one could be the judge of a monarch except god. The jury system was created by War Lords – who appointed free men (those that owned their own land or business) who were to investigate any misdemeanours that occurred – this then was brought before the War Lord who would listen to the jury who had investigated the crime – hear the defendant and then decide on what if any punishment was required.

There were no women. No equality. “No power of the people” – and “no people rule.” The only “people” that existed were a small minority – War Lords the Church the monarchy and the free men – the other 99 per cent of the population had no rights whatsoever.

It was only in the late 13th early 14th centuries that Henry decided to make judges go out across in England to hear cases – hence the term “common” applying to all of England. These trials occurred in Latin – the common language of the War Lords and the judges – which then got translated into the “English” spoken in that location – but jurors remained in that they investigated complaints and misdemeanours and brought that evidence before the judge and the Baron – the War Lord.

The Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 abolished the previous bar on women serving as lawyers, judges or magistrates. What is less well known is that the 1919 Act also removed other bars to women’s formal inclusion in public life.

It opened up much of the civil service to women, for example, and also made them liable to serve as jurors. So no women served on a jury till 1919. It is a delusion to think that trial by jury equates with equality – equates with freedom and that the trial by jury system is in anyway the foundation of democracy. Anyone that holds such a view is very very ignorant of the facts of history.

This is the true meaning of democracy as defined by reality and historical fact it is a privileged class ruling an unprivileged class – and that is still the case when we look at our own “democratic systems.” In England there was no such thing as power to the people – or that people rule – conditions were such that you had to own property to be given the vote and for those without no votes no rights whatsoever. Even today in the UK it is to have property which is your “key” to democracy and privilege.

So why do Americans love democracy Magna Carta and Trial by Jury so much that they have a complete delusion about English history? Americans – or rather Europeans that invaded America killing the indigenousness peoples – By issuing the Declaration of Independence, adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, the 13 American colonies severed their political connections to Great Britain.

The Declaration summarized the colonists’ motivations for seeking independence. They were fed up with paying too much taxes. And they decided in the English tradition to have open rebellion. Modern day advocates of democracy – do not like the idea of rebellion or that Americans were at war with England.

In fact by 1775, tensions between the American colonies and the British government approached the breaking point, especially in Massachusetts, where Patriot leaders formed a shadow revolutionary government and trained militias to prepare for armed conflict with the British troops occupying Boston.

Those that are all for peace now do not recognise that America went to war with England – and it was a long war – 19th. April 1775 – 3rd. September 1783. All these Englishmen that broke their ties with England were well aware that there was on sovereign (the monarch) and all were property of the crown – all those men came from commerce or had a trade craft and were in English Law “free men” that could bare arms.

In severing their bonds with England – and having no monarchy they formed a republic of free States where each “free man” could declare himself sovereign. But not women – the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote, a right known as women’s suffrage, and was ratified on August 18, 1920, ending almost a century of protest. So America is not the land of equality freedom as one is lied too.

The United States Constitution did not originally define who was eligible to vote, allowing each state to determine who was eligible. In the early history of the U.S., most states allowed only white male adult property owners to vote.

What of all those Americans that did not own land? Were they sovereign? No. What about women that owned their own land? No. What about the remaining indigenous population? No. There was no free man. If a man owned property he could vote – Declaration of Independence signed. Right to vote during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods is restricted to property owners – most of whom are white male Protestants over the age of 21.

Because there is no agreement on a national standard for voting rights, states are given the power to regulate their own voting laws. In most cases, voting remains in the hands of white male landowners. 1790 Naturalization Law passed. It explicitly states that only “free white” immigrants can become naturalised citizens.

1971: Adults aged 18 through 21 are granted the right to vote by the Twenty-sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This was enacted in response to Vietnam War protests, which argued that soldiers who were old enough to fight for their country should be granted the right to vote. So much for the land of the free.

It is clear that American history has followed developments and customs based in England – though in allowing the vote for every one it was a bit late in the day. American have always been a bit backward when it comes to human rights and freedoms.

Americans – those elite that owned land or property (including slaves) declared themselves to be sovereigns on the basis that they had severed their ties with England and then went on to a bloody war to sustain their independence – whilst much of their attitudes and customs remained firmly English.

Article III of the U.S. Constitution states that all trials shall be by jury. The right was expanded with the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states in part, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed,” and the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees a jury trial in civil cases. There are three types of juries in the United States: criminal grand juries, criminal petit juries, and civil juries.

In the case of women – gained eligibility to serve on State Juries: 1870: Wyoming (1870, 1890-1892) 1883: Washington (1883-1887) 1898: Utah (no regular service until 1930s) 1911: Washington 1912: Kansas, Oregon 1917: California 1918: Michigan, Nevada 1920: Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio 1921: Arkansas (no regular service until 1950s), Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin 1923: Alaska (prior to statehood) 1924: Louisiana 1927: Rhode Island 1937: Connecticut, New York 1939: Illinois, Montana 1942: Vermont 1943: Idaho, Nebraska 1945: Arizona, Colorado, Missouri 1947: Maryland, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota 1949: Florida, Massachusetts, Wyoming 1950: Virginia 1951: New Mexico, Tennessee 1952: Hawaii, Oklahoma 1953: Georgia 1954: Texas 1956: West Virginia 1966: Alabama 1967: South Carolina 1968: Mississippi. There was no uniformity of women on juries. No equality. America has always been ruled by a powerful property and business owning class – where most Americans are but under-privileged slaves.

Some Americans are deluded into thinking there was no rebellion no war in creating America – and worse that all Americans are free and equal before the law and had equal rights. This is a delusion fostered on us by the ignorant.

America has a “democracy” that is a class of privileged people ruling an unprivileged people and no equality before the law and no trial by jury system other than being judged by men of your own class. There was no common laws in America each State has it’s own laws which are common to that State – the same conditions 2018 which has it’s parallels in England in the 12th century.

We see that the delusions of American sovereignty rests on wealthy privileged white males whose declaration of independence only served their own commercial interests of white wealthy privileged males.

There are those that wish to deny reality – swearing their support for non-violent democracy and the re-establishment of the trial by jury system. They want to establish white supremacy. Wealth free trade low taxation no free health care no free education – and are right wing Conservatives with a little “c.”

They reject the historical fact that it is through rebellion armed conflict that has brought about the changes we see today – Americans forget that they hanged blacks from trees as a common practice – they forget the race riots and riots against the wars in the late 60’s. They forget much of their 300 year old history and also conveniently forget the thousand years of English history to promote ideas without any factual historical foundations.

They forget that people only get change when they rebel against the oppressive tyranny that they suffer on a daily basis. Even the early Chartist movement was an act of rebellion arming and training themselves to overthrow the State.

Magna Carta confirmed the privileges of the few. Magna Carta did not promote equality democracy universal suffrage or in deed not trial by jury. Democracy defined as we know from historical fact is the rule by those privileged over an unprivileged majority. There was no such thing as equality – even in the land of the not free. There was no equality in the trial by jury system – unless of course you believe in white wealthy male supremacy.

Throughout history people have engaged in open rebellion – even European Americans who gained their “independence” – it is through rebellion that real changes are made. This is a factual historical truth which can not be denied though many deny reality.

Magna Carta 1215 is not your ticket to salvation. What is? There is one fundamental truth for salvation: See things as they are today and seek to make changes today. It is to see the common sufferings of ALL – not the bleating of white privileged wealthy males. If making changes and that change leads one to open armed rebellion – accept that fact as people accepted that fact in the 1215 and in 1775.

It is only now that we can have unity of purpose w have unity of being able to speak a common language “English” which we all know – this was not commonly available even in the 18th century. We have the ability to communicate ideas to all – and to unite all – to have but one single purpose – which is to establish a true people’s socialist agenda and the complete overthrow of the elite.

Parliamentary democracy is not the answer – for each parliament can undo what all previous parliaments have done. We have seen that in eight years the Tories have all but destroyed all the gains made for the past 70 years and that game of gain and loss will continue every four years with an ever new ignorant population believing in parliamentary democracy.

And lest we forget parliamentary democracy was established for the landed gentry who had a vote. Even today it is the principle of owning property that confers privilege – look at the homeless – those with private land lords poor housing not fit to live in and Grenville. Property confers wealth – property confers privilege – privilege confers power.

There are many within the “New Chartist Movement” who are living in a dream – a dream of their own fictions. That fiction is there is no monarch and thus like deluded Americans have conferred on themselves that they are all sovereigns. The monarchy still exists as a corporate sole – a corporation like any other business Tesco or Boots.

She is there legally according to civil law. We have to accept this fact – unless you seek rebellion to completely overthrow the civil laws of England. Which for the majority and the leadership of the “New Chartist Movement” is to horrifying to contemplate.

Today we are faced with the fact of many interest groups who are fighting their own corner of injustice and poverty. We have millions of people who are fooled by democracy and that of parliamentary democracy – voting for real change which never actually happens. Corruption and self enrichment is common place – which has been the case for hundreds of years.

As each new generation comes of age to vote they are fed the same old lies – “vote for democracy” “power to the people” “the people rule” and so people vote for democracy little realising that they vote for the continuance of slavery.

Those that rule us by the privilege of wealth and power wish to remain in their privilege positions – getting elected to parliament will not change that fact. We have to have a ground swell of people that wish to change their lives from debt slaves to free people not dependent on property. We have to attract that mass of people who are suffering now – many many millions of people are being reduced to poverty and have no rights of redress.

We only have to look at homeless people who are fined because they have no property no home no property. This fact tells you something of those that rule us – only those with property have privileges. Such was the view right up to the 20th. century and those people can not vote – they have no place of residence. What if those in power made a statute law proclaiming that all who own property or land can vote? This was so in the 1920s. 

It would mean millions of people had no vote – all at our colleges and our universities all nurses all junior doctors every one from all walks of life would find that they were deprived of voting. Worse university students saddled with £50,000 or more in debt would be unable to get onto the property ladder. Any government can introduce such legislation and there is nothing that you are I can do to prevent it. 

We face grave dangers now – the destruction of the health service – to which we pay for via our National Insurance Contributions – yet it is being sold so that we then pay double for our national health – that all services are under commercial ownership for profit from private companies. What then? Two-thirds of the population with no health care? No pensions? No welfare payments? We do not want an American style democracy in England. 

What happens when students have to pay to go to college? Many millions of people can not afford their children going to college. This means millions of uneducated people that can be fed the lies. We do not want an American style democracy in England. 

Libertarian Democracy loving Americans believe in minimal taxation minimal legislative intervention private enterprise in all facets of ones public and private life. Democracy means for them a privileged elite ruling millions of unprivileged people – America is the worst form of tyranny today.

The New Chartism needs to remember the past – when it was a real threat to the established order – and to be clear on its objectives. It also must accept the conflict that will arise – confrontation over differing values a different future for the people of England. The more we grow in strength the more those in power will introduce legislation to restrict our activities. This is the nature of rebellion against tyrants.

I recognise that many who have influence over others across the movement of “lawful dissent” who wish to follow the path of democracy and a passive approach to social change have to face the fact that it will take a good thousand years by which time the people of England will be very much enslaved with no rights whatsoever for the vast majority of people. 

The fact is that in 1215 and 1775 people wanted redress now. Those people chose armed revolt a fact that is so often overlooked and ignored – but those people chose rebellion. They chose rebellion fully aware that it would bring them into conflict. But they still chose the path of rebellion. Those that tell you otherwise are lying to you.

It’s as if your energies are being directed from real change that you you remain in acceptance of the way things are now – you become compliant directed ineffectual so that your energy is dissipated. There idea is that you can not win your liberation from suffering and injustice. They put you on a path which leads no where.They do this because they make their money from you! They serve their own commercial interests and lie to you!

That is the greatest injustice the greatest betrayal of all.  Remember this – all of you who believe in peaceful democracy “the people rule” “people power”

Power is not given – Power is always taken.

Gather yourselves up – be united and reject all those that do their best to deceive you – rise up with one clear aim to topple those that enslave you!

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