KENN D’OUDNEY, Campaign Coordinator, Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign.

E x c e r p t  from  T h e  W i n c h e s t e r  D e c l a r a t ion By Justin Walker

We, who are sovereign and who are gathered here today in the ancient capital of King Alfred the Great, on this day of the Nineteenth of November, 2016, do now serve notice to our elected servants and representatives in Parliament that we require the Rule of Law to be fully restored to the British people with immediate effect by their passing of The Restoration Amendment.

So today, at Winchester, we do serve notice to our elected servants in parliament, and to those residing in the corridors of power, that if you do not now actively support The Restoration Amendment to restore fully the Rule of Law in our country, and you persist in your treasonous ways with your malfeasance in public office, that we are compelled by the Common and God-given Law of this country to take whatever appropriate and peaceful steps that are needed to bring you to justice. This is a pledge that we take willingly today that cannot be lawfully broken. The Rule of Law will be restored to our nation!

JUSTIN WALKER, Campaign Coordinator, British Constitution Group & New Chartist Movement.

The Restoration Amendment For Liberty and Equal Justice for All, and for the civil peace, well-being and general contentment of our People, we, [insert head of state’s name] the undersigned, do ordain and enact this statute, to be known hereafter as The Restoration Amendment, to make plain and re-establish beyond all doubt and dispute the legal, lawful Sovereignty Supremacy and Primacy of the People.

This statute re-establishes and confirms the role of the English head of state as the people’s symbolic ‘sovereign’, the representative and guardian of the people’s interests legally and constitutionally-bound by legem terræ, the Law of the Land and Realm inscribed into the 1215 Great Charter Magna Carta.

This statute includes accompanying explanatory annotation (Notes). At this time, when the treasonous 3 claim of “parliamentary sovereignty” is all too often heard, this Amendment recognises and restores the correct, unchanging supreme legal and lawful status of the 1215 Great Charter Magna Carta, the kingdom’s exemplary, world-respected and revered Constitution, also known as the Great Charter of English Liberties. For as long as our other home nations 4 participate in and remain subject to our Westminster parliament, the Great Charter extends its Rule of Law protections to them also.

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