By Kenn D’Oudney

Following the denial of Trial by Jury to MEP Jane Collins, this letter responds to people who recall the antics of the BCG’s Roger Hayes of several years ago when he tried to arrest a court official, and who now suggest the judge involved in denying MEP Jane Collins a Trial by Jury should be “arrested” and frog-marched down to a police station to be charged. Such folks are not thinking people and certainly not serious campaigners who understand what is involved in trying to rectify the Illegality of the Status Quo. They are well-intentioned folks fantasising at best or merely discreditable oiks spoiling for physical confrontations.

I am reminded of the letters we sent to the BCG, Hayes and Hurst several years ago which responded to their claims that following Hayes’s stunt, shock waves went through the legal profession. They were deluding themselves: resounding ripples of derisive laughter would have been a truer description. Can anybody seriously imagine the police would charge a judge in those circumstances? And then, would the Crown Prosecution Service summons such a judge before a fellow judge who operates in exactly the same way—in the unjust, ex parte [one-sided] trial-by-judge system with which government replaces Trial by Jury today?

We did and do point out that anybody and everybody who commits the treason of denying the due process of the authentic Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury should be punished; not just arrested and charged, but punished. That is the purpose of the rule of law fulfilled. This applies not only to crown and high court judges, magistrates and clerks to the Magistrates Court, MPs, barristers, and solicitors who brief barristers, but also to ministers of the crown, bureaucrats and apparatchiks of the administration which now functions without the sole legal Justice System authorised by our Constitution for all causes, civil, criminal and fiscal: the Common Law Trial by Jury comprised of randomly selected citizens.

Our Campaign(s) and Campaigners do know the Solution—unlike members of the political parties who receive funding from the financial-corporate bloc, unions, etc. Even with the best will and intentions, these party members flounder from left to right without any real understanding of how empty their ideas and proposals are.

Today, the great mass of the population still have no knowledge of the way the real Common Law Trial by Jury is supposed to work to alleviate their problems. And all but a few truly understand how parliamentarians, whether they are Brexiteers or Remainers, are deeply undemocratic traitors. And few people have ever been educated about state money and the Common Law Economy…

It is for our Campaign(s) to introduce our fellow countrymen to Restoration; the proper solution. We must do this without help from the obstructive, indurate opposition of Rothschild’s (knowing or unwitting) lackeys in the bought-and-paid-for media. Until installation of THE RESTORATION AMENDMENT (statute) has been achieved, the gesture of arrest and charging a judge à la Roger Hayes is an inane, shallow antic. After Restoration, arrest and indictment of the traitors in our courts and parliament who now claim “parliament is sovereign” will be routine; but until then, such futile gestures merely warn the enemy in advance of our ‘battle-plans’ and entrench their opposition. Right now, it is preposterous to suggest or hope that such capers could produce a constructive outcome.

The government and MPs enact and enforce oppressive statutes which premeditatedly suppress the citizen’s protective private prosecution and defence attributes of our world-respected permanent 1215 Great Charter Constitution’s prescribed Common Law Justice System. With the collusion of an unconscionable judiciary and legal profession, government currently administrates close to and sometimes at the very extremes of tyranny and injustice: viz. the Jane Collins case.

People know and suffer injustice daily in every aspect of their lives, and the list is long: dreadful living standards for people in a modern society, neglect of the NHS, Defence and Ex-Servicemen, abuse of children with gender confusion; grotesque curricula in state (mis)education; the improper toleration of an illegal, misogynistic democracy-annihilating agenda; inadequate pensions and financial provision for the needy; bogus ‘austerity’ and taxation when Common Law criminalises Usury (viz. the Common Law state money economy precludes today’s concomitant taxation to ‘repay’ usurious bank-owners’ figmental ‘loans’ to government). But the mass of the people simply do not know what to do…

It remains for our united Campaign(s) to develop innumerable cells (groups) of activists all over the land teaching and spreading The Winchester Declaration (November, 2016) and The Restoration Amendment’s solution to misgovernance.

When the Campaign unites a significant proportion of the entire population of every class and background behind its aims, with the country once more “united as one man” behind our timeless exemplary 1215 Great Charter English Constitution, then the just society will be within reach.


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