The LGBT Agenda – Extinction vs Sexualisation

The LGBT Agenda – Extinction

Gender Change — The De-sexualization of Society:

Part One:

The de-sexualization of society has been progressively and aggressively pursued since the late eighties. Whilst this early movement’s philosophy was towards greater equality — in terms of working conditions better pay employment benefits and equality in State benefits – which are all worthy political ambitions – there was no drive to make men and women devoid of their own sexuality






There are many “clinics” and “groups” pushing to switch genders or have no gender at all. They all do it in the name of “gender equality” and switching genders is part of that political game.

A “woman” can become a man to achieve so-called “gender equality” in the workplace and in “his” new social life. What of men? Being masculine is taboo. Men have to be more “feminine” eat Weight Watchers foods and increase oestrogen levels – which increases their femininity – a testosterone free diet reduces masculinity. Social propaganda is a play here – not biological changes. Even if men and women switch genders – their genes do not change. It is a mental shift due to conditioning not a physical shift.

Then we have Monsanto – who have a corn filled with anti-sperm antibodies. Thus making men sterile. It’s called the epicyte gene. Not only are we being poisoned by GMOZ, but now we are silently being Sterilized by the Governments who we believe are protecting our rights and well-being. Not so.

The Tory Government want to bring in Monsanto – and Monsanto wants to see the end of all indigenous crops so that farmers have to keep buying seed stock each year from Monsanto. It is part of the global agenda to control populations – see Agenda 21 documentation – no private property – people moved off the land to live in squalled housing in zones. But that’s another topic.

What we are concerned with today is the growing menace in the West for gender equality and a genderless society – with an aggressive anti-masculinity and anti-heterosexual politically correct agenda promoted and funded by the elite – and with it – to cause gender confusion in the population at large.

In the nineties – the “Gay Pride” movement came into being in America. Homosexuals – fed up with the negativity of homosexuality – with right-wing Christians – and American general conservationism being all anti-homosexual decided on a propaganda campaign to change attitudes.

Homosexuals decided to re-brand themselves as “Gay” meaning “merry”, “exuberantly joyful.” This can be traced back to medieval French gai, but its earlier origins are unknown. For the past two or three centuries gay has had sexual overtones in general.

In the eighteenth century lewd behaviour was part of the “gay life”, enjoyed by both men and women. It was an aristocratic upper and middle-class phenomenon — the working-class used slang “arse fucker” faggot, queer, fairy jobby jabber (Scottish) pansy poof and queen etc.. Rakes and men-about-town were called “gay blades”. A Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue published in 1811 gives “the “gaying instrument” as a slang term for the penis.

Homosexuals were to be re-branded – “gay” – “merry”, “exuberantly joyful” and like any other modern product every one was persuaded to use the new correct term. It was deemed “politically incorrect” to say “homosexual” and all media must take on this new politically correct term.

And much worse was the idea – how could one not like a “gay” “merry”, “exuberantly joyful” person? It became politically incorrect to dislike “gays.” And of course homosexuals can hide from themselves who they really are – they are now a new breed of human a new homo sapiens on equal terms as heterosexual males.

At least that’s what the propaganda says. It is perfectly normal human reaction to dislike homosexuals and lesbians the majority of the British population still quite naturally and normally dislike them – for those that have been brainwashed indoctrinated they tend to feel “neutral” having no real opinion at all – apart from the rhetoric – this confusion and neutrality is part of the end game – part of the plan towards a genderless neutral society.

It is to be noted that Lesbians (a female homosexual: a female who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction for other women. The word lesbian is derived from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos, home to the 6th-century BCE poet Sappho ) may have a longer linguistic history than gay men. Contrary to the incomplete information given in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), the word lesbian has meant “female homosexual” since at least the early eighteenth century back to the 6th BCE.

William King in his satire The Toast (published 1732, revised 1736), referred to “Lesbians” as women who “loved Women in the same Manner as Men love them”. During that century, references to “Sapphic lovers” and “Sapphism” meant a woman who liked “her own sex in a criminal way”. For centuries before that, comparing a woman to Sappho of Lesbos implied passions that were more than poetic.

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