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    The monarchy – some real facts that YOU should know:
    (1) At the queen’s coronation she swore on oath to uphold the Constitution – that Constitution was Magna Carta 1215.
    (2) When were to join the EU it was well known at that time that joining would mean the end of the UK as a Nation State. No more Great Britain no more England.
    (3) In the House of Lords – alarm bells rang – the queen took an oath that we would not be wiped out by a foreign power – the EU. (4) 25 Lords (Barons) formed a committee and chose 4 of their members to write to the queen reminding her of the oath she took and not to give Royal accent – she had 40 days to reply.
    (5) She gave an ambiguous reply on the 39th day which did not meet her sworn oath and so Article 61 was implemented
    (6) What this means is that the queen’s title to be monarch has been revoked and it still legally remains in force till this day.
    (7) All “Agents” of the queen have been stripped of their power in accordance with UK Law. That means no power in Parliament or the Courts as they all are servants of the queen.
    (8) It means there are no lawful courts in the UK at this time. It means any and all acts of parliament are void.
    (9) This is all Legal – it is the law – we have no queen – no judges – and those that sit in parliament of no legal rights whatsoever to be there and have no legal authority.
    (10) Now YOU know the true facts that govern the UK since 2001/2 every act of parliament has been unlawful and every case before UK Courts have been unlawful. Every act by your local authority has been unlawful.

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