However, it is predictable that most of the politicians and parties in the current corrupted system will be against our Restoration of the Rule of Law, proving them not only to be unpatriotic and anti-democratic (“against We the People”) but also essentially felonious.

Such traitors are in breach of the Rule of Law, deserving of no respect and are due indictment. We emphasise that administrative governments are forbidden from borrowing at interest and individuals and banks are forbidden from lending at interest. The Owners and Principals of finance houses shall be penalised for committing the Common Law Crimes of Usury and Fractional Reserve Lending (fraud).

This Amendment emplaces national issuance of interest-free credit and currency, eliminating the levying of tax for the paying to private bank-owners of ‘interest’ which is criminal usury and the ‘capital’ of faux ‘loans’ which are mere inscriptions in a ledger by pen or at the click of a computer’s ‘mouse’. Citizens require to be informed that, for the common good, the practices of Usury and Fractional Reserve Lending are now re-criminalised. The criminally-incurred ‘national debt’ is hereby dissolved.

Apropos of the 2016 referendum, we specify that the economics of Restoration offers Remainers a spectacular incentive to become Brexiters—and to cease demands for a second referendum. Those who wish our nation to “remain” within the tyrannical European Union soviet system without Trial by Jury would, unwittingly or from self-serving complicity, bind us under a profoundly criminal, impoverishing, debt-based system.

Quisling Remainers would not only surrender everyone’s right to self-governance, sovereignty and justice through Trial by Jury, but collaborate in the anti-democratic political ascendency of the private bank owner’s dictatorial control (18).

Remainers breach our Constitution and persons advocating such treachery shall henceforth be ostracised by us. Instead, however, Brexiters and those loyal to Common Law values and Trial by Jury in parliament have now passed this Restoration Amendment to bring social justice to economics, installing national issuance of currency and credit interest-free.

In recent years, many hundreds of statutes have been passed amounting to many scores of thousands of often complicated pages containing barely comprehensible committee-evolved doublespeak. In contrast, the seven-page Restoration Amendment which governs all legislation, is set forth and explained within a textbook of under three hundred. Legislation henceforth need be expressed in clear texts which conform to the straightforward standards and demands of Justice and Equity set and exacted by Common Law.

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