Thus, the Restoration Amendment not only devolves due authority to the people through the Sovereignty of the Juror guaranteeing Liberty and Justice for all persons, but this Amendment shall also hereafter generate civil peace, unity and well-being to all the population with real prosperity widespread.

Our people being our greatest resource and national asset, the People’s national Common Law-based economy shall fund (non-religious) crèches and kindergarten for working parents, and primary, secondary, tertiary and technical education freely. Likewise, fitting financial and healthcare assistance for our Ex-Servicemen shall be provided in due respect.

We ordain that financial assistance and other succour for those disadvantaged shall be generously forthcoming from our government. Restoration is enacted to empower the populace to envision, create and sustain a virile, free, compassionate property-owning constitutional democracy prosperous as never before; the best of all possible worlds; an illustrious exemplar among nations for others to emulate.

  • NOTE: Three hundred million pounds in 1914 is the equivalent of thirty-three billion, five hundred and sixty-nine million today. See explanation at end of text, p.8.

There shall be no ‘cashless’ electronic economy to replace cash and coin completely, as has been mooted. There shall be no debt-based administrations’ figmental ‘borrowing’ of ‘credit’ or ‘money’ made from thin air and ‘issued’ by privately-owned banks and finance houses; no fraudulent Fractional Reserve Lending.

The People’s national government shall issue interest-free credit and currency sufficient to generate production and trade for all transactions and facilitate growth, whilst being responsibly regulated to avoid deflation and suppress inflation (18). Restoration of the Constitution’s rule of law proffers widespread affluence throughout the population, which we assert no present party-politician can deliver to our people while the Illegality of the Status Quo continues to prevail 20 .

Our populace deserves truthful information about the advantages and benefits which will accrue to them and the country when people isolate and leave those political parties and organisations who do not stand for Restoration of our nation’s revered Constitution, its financial and political Independence, the national issuance of interest-free money and credit, and our People’s cherished heritage of Liberty and Equal Justice through Trial by Jury.

Politicians who would prolong the Illegality of the Status Quo deserve prompt removal from office and replacement by newly-elected representatives. We wish unpatriotic politicians, all of them, to be identified for what they are. The Restoration Amendment may be personally adopted and supported by all men and women of whatever political persuasion.

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