We do hereby exhort our People to take it upon themselves to bring our Culture to due prominence once more; for the People to take back their natural egalitarian sovereignty and secular common law courts; to enjoy the fruits of national issuance of interest-free currency and credit, free of government indebtment and free from concomitant compulsory taxation; and to re-secure unto themselves legal Constitutional control of the Wealth of the Nation 18 ; their rightful due inheritance.


Firstly, recognition of the 1215 Great Charter Magna Carta as comprising the single and sole legal and lawful written English Constitution; the permanent supreme treaty between the people and their successive chosen incumbent heads of state.

This first measure achieves Restoration of the full and proper functioning of the People’s Courts of the authentic Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System prescribed and defined by the 1215 Great Charter Constitution for all causes, civil, criminal and fiscal;

And secondly, Common Law economic and fiscal measures are a natural corollary to the above first item for specifically proscribing the Common Law Crimes of Usury and fraudulent Fractional Reserve Lending; and returning to the People through a national government department, the treasury, the duty of issuance of interest-free currency and credit to the economy. We refer, for example, to our kingdom’s three hundred million pound (£300 million*) interest-free issuance of the ‘Bradbury Pound’ in 1914, and similar renowned measures taken previously by Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Jackson, to Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’, and Franklin’s Colonial Scrip (18).

These twin causes are legislatively formulated as this, The Restoration Amendment. With our enactment of the Amendment now, following its passage through our parliament, the Constitutional Rule of Law and Equal Justice shall prevail throughout England once more: legality is returned to the status quo. Historically, England is the longest surviving Constitutional Democracy. We, [insert head of state’s name], rejoice in enacting this Amendment into law for our People and remind them of the words of one of our most august intellectual citizens, a widely read and travelled philosopher, John Milton, “Let not England forget her precedence in teaching other nations how to live.” 19

We pronounce Magna Carta of 1215 the Paragon of Constitutions! It is our desire that our People be brought by ongoing education to learn about the Constitutional Duty and Common Law responsibility of the People’s administrations (government) to issue interest-free credit and fiat legal tender currency (cash and coin) to the economy. This socio-economic measure has unique, demonstrated fortifying benefits to national independence, infrastructure, security, defence, research and development, services, trade, industry and commerce, education and healthcare, enterprise, employment and productivity, the Arts and Sciences.

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