The Restoration Amendment is an Act recognising and perpetuating the perennial legal supremacy of the Trial by Jury and the 1215 Great Charter as our English Constitution and System of Justice over all judicial interpretations, precedent, stare decisis, parliamentary edicts, statutes, laws and measures, and the laws and by-laws, regulations and measures of local administrative government. As head of state, by our enacting (signing) The Restoration Amendment into law on behalf of us and our heirs forever, we have now hereby re-affirmed all the liberties stated in the 1215 Great Charter Magna Carta to be had and held by all Englishmen and women of this nation and their heirs forever.

We acknowledge that these liberties were in any case granted in perpetuity by the 1215 Great Charter to all men and women of our kingdom. The 1215 Great Charter Constitution and The Restoration Amendment empower the People to govern and guide our administrative governments for all time through the supreme sovereign authority of the People to decide their laws and liberties for themselves, this being accomplished by the judgements, verdicts and sentences in due process of Trial by Jury.

The Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury is the sole legitimate justice system for deciding all causes, thus comprising the supreme legislature and judiciary of the realm. This freedom we shall observe, and it is our will that it be observed in good faith by our heirs and successors forever.

In 1215, following government misrule, the principal intent of Magna Carta was restoration of the rule of law through Trial by Jury. The defining, prescribing and re- implementation of the People’s traditional Common Law Trial by Jury as the sole legal justice system for all causes formed the Great Charter’s core doctrine. Today, through parliamentary treason and misrule, our Constitutional Justice System has fallen into deplorable disrepair.

The same Act of Restoration is now requisite to uphold the rule of law and is accomplished by this Restoration Amendment. The Sovereignty of the People is recognised and expressed through our restoration of the Juror’s Sovereignty, Powers, Procedures, Rights and Duties in Trial by Jury.

Remembering that it is the People, as distinct from head of state or government, who choose their Constitution, we observe that implementing the Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System for settling all causes, civil, criminal and fiscal, is the preoccupation and substance of all Western Constitutions; such as those of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and others.

In the most profound sense, the West and all legitimate societies have but One Constitution: it is judicium parium, the Trial by Jury of Magna Carta, 1215. In restoring Trial by Jury Courts for all causes, we proscribe all other means of settling causes, summary processes and the ex parte trial-by-government-judge.

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