On one hand, Annulment by Jury stops the prosecution of unjust laws and acts of enforcement from progressing. On the other hand, the commoner’s right to prosecute effectively stops the framing and passing into law of unjust or unequal measures in the first place. This is because legislators and judges may be held accountable by any other citizen. According to Articles 36, 39, 40, 61, etc., no one is ‘above’ the rule of law. Subject matter from DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto ISBN 978-1902848-26-6

The ‘ordinary’ citizen has the power and right to accuse any other commoner* responsible for the enactment or enforcement of a statute or by-law which the citizen deems unjust or malicious. The accused is summonsed to come before a jury and explain, if he or she can, how the legislation is truly just and applies equally to all. Otherwise, its framing and enforcement become acts of injustice; definitively crimes punishable at Common Law. The procedure may lead to the statute or by-law being expunged from the national roll of statutes or from local government; viz. Chapter Four. “Any other commoner” includes ministers of state, government lawyer bureaucrats, MPs, judges and local government administrators responsible for forming, passing or enforcing legislation.

See The Manifesto, pp.121-122, Chapter Four, THE COUNTER PLAINT, & THE CONSTITUTIONAL TECHNIQUE FOR EXPUNCTION OF UNWANTED LEGISLATION. m See also pp. 158-159, Chapter Five, ARTICLES THIRTY-SIX (the free Plaint and Summons) & ARTICLE FORTY.

In this way, tyranny by arbitrary governance is prevented at source whilst all the just laws remain uniformly enforceable against any act of intrinsically malicious motive, mens rea, such as tyranny, murder, rape, bodily harm, mental cruelty, torture, robbery, theft, extortion, arbitrary dispossession, usury, fraud and so on. Crime receives the universal condemnation of men and women in juries in all times and places

11 See pp.9-10, THE WORKINGS AND RESULTS OF THE TRIAL BY JURY SYSTEM. Following Restoration, this aspect of Constitutional Trial by Jury does make Annulment by Jury generally redundant; but the Annulment function is always available in reserve for cases where government thinks it can get away with prosecuting an unjust law; viz. the famous Annulment by Jury at the Old Bailey exonerating Penn and Mead; see Chapter Two. Penn was subsequently Founder of Pennsylvania.

THE NWO ATTACHMENT – With regard to the NWO attachment, you are to be congratulated on the meticulous character of your document which lists so many of the negative aspects of the crescent New World Order. However, within its wide coverage resides the source of my reservations about it; for, although the text exposes the pandemic of dictatorial rule and dread rapacity of the instigators of the nwo, there is no accompanying solution mooted.

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