Question: “How do we get from here to there?”

Answer: “To get from here to there only requires passage of The Restoration Amendment. All societies govern through their Justice System. The power to punish carries with it ALL power. Regaining control over the Justice System by restoring Constitutional Trial by Jury is so much the principal campaigning objective that all other issues are dwarfed by it. ”

Trust the People: With the Powers, Procedures, Rights and Duties restored to Jurors, the interests of the People can be safely left in their own hands. That is to say, people can be trusted to protect their own interests by their Verdicts and Sentences at the Constitution’s genuine Trial by Jury.

One has to make a mental effort to envision society after passage of The Restoration Amendment. This is because it is a long time since we have had a government which subjects its modus operandi to the constraints of Equal Justice, the (definitive) Common Law and the (proper) 1215 Great Charter English Constitution Magna Carta with its People’s Courts of the Trial by Jury Justice System. It is also woefully long since the People have received information about how their own Justice System can be made to work by themselves to their benefit.

Having then “got to there from here,” the answers to all questions will be answered by the decisions of Citizens’ Juries. These are virtually universally acclaimed to be fair, reliable, predictable and uniform (see The Manifesto, Chapter One). For example, such social debts incurred before Restoration as are deemed authentic by Juries will be respected. Insurance and Pension Funds, private citizens’ Household held investments, personal savings, inheritance, ownership, property, trusts, gifts, artefacts, would be honoured.

Questions regarding insurance, loss, liability, bankruptcies, foreclosures, the family, human rights, private estates, inheritance, probate, etc., would be decided by the People, as they should. However, all institutions Guilty of Usury and/or Fractional Reserve Lending (which you mention as, “Banks/BldngSocs/FinInst.”) will be liquidated.

Those profiting and operating such unlawful institutions can expect just retribution at Common Law (see The Manifesto, Chapter Six), although it is not for this author to prompt, pre-empt or anticipate the decisions of causes brought to Trial by Jury by individual citizens availing themselves of the right to cost-free prosecution to obtain justice. The Jury alone decides on the admissibility of evidence and sentence in each individual case.

Certainly more important than Annulment by Jury is the citizen commoner’s right to prosecute cost-free any other commoner for a criminal act; defined as any act of injustice committed with malice aforethought. (Single or multiple plaintiffs; ref. Magna Carta Common Law Article Thirty-Six explained on p.158, confirmed by Article Forty. Act means not only statutes, regulations and by-laws but also physical acts.) That is to say, there is no ‘immunity from prosecution’ for commoners who are politicians, those who are in the judiciary, or persons working in or for government.

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