This should evoke a chorus of… “Hooray!” Why ‘hooray’? Because that means we, or at least our government, get all the money back because our government owns the Bank of England… It says so on the Bank’s website! How can the claim that the government owns the Bank be true?! You know things do not operate like that.

If it were true, that would mean government would then again and immediately have at its disposal for expenditure, all the money it had just repaid to the Bank. Moreover, as it “owns” the Bank, it is empowered to utilise the facility of extending revolving loans to itself ad infinitum. Such a government would be the very embodiment of the mythical Golden Goose!

Government would spend itself into permanent liquidity: no more austerity! Ultimately, perhaps the most obvious consideration of all is the fact that if the People’s government truly ‘owned’ the British Central Bank, then, like the administrations of Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Jackson, Lincoln and Franklin, it would issue currency and credit without interest; i.e., state money, plentiful currency and credit into the economy without the need to ask for repayment, thereby precluding the present-day concomitant taxation on the People.

The Restoration Amendment covers all such contingencies. See The Manifesto, pages 247-253. On reflection you will see that the government cannot be owners of the British Central Bank known duplicitously as the Bank of England. The government’s ‘ownership’ is apparent but not real. The ongoing felonious duplicity of the Bank’s Owner, of our politicians, and of government’s statist servitor accomplices is revealed—and judicable at Constitution and Common Law.

The B of E does not lend anything to government against assets held. Deposits

are rightfully the owned assets of the depositors. The Bank does not hold anywhere near enough assets to issue to government the amounts borrowed and spent on the NHS, Education, Defence and so on. Nor would the Bank’s owners ever be willing to risk its own assets as surety for backing loans to anyone—at least not while it can issue figmental ‘loans’ instead! These faux ‘loans’ are merely numbers entered into a ledger or computer account; a fictitious sum created ex nihilo, or as people like to say, “out of thin air.”

As you know, the B of E issues (lends) credit (backed by nothing) to the privately-owned merchant and high street banks. These latter financial houses lend to their customers in turn—also without holding surety backing the loans. They lend around ten times the figmental sum advanced from the Central Bank (B of E). This is, of course, the fraudulent Fractional Reserve Lending system (FRL) of which you are well aware. If the government were really the Proprietor of the Central Bank, then the government would receive the interest on these loans at the going rate from all the high street and merchant banks who are recipients of FRL loans.

That enormous sum, levied on all the credit loaned out to all the banks, financial institutions and account holding businesses and customers all over the country would be immediately available for government spending… Yet the fact is, under the present illegal system, our political administration is strapped for cash!

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