The proofs only begin there. Given reflection, of course, another proof is that neither ‘We’ nor the government truly own the Bank of England because the government does not dictate the functioning of the Bank. The political Administration (misnamed ‘government’*) cannot authorise government spending above what the B of E dictates is available—and that is only accessible through ‘borrowing’ from the Bank at rates of interest set by the Bank; not the government.

The government does not control or own the Bank’s money, or wealth. (Apparently) its Chancellor ‘authorises’ sales of assets from time to time, such as gold bullion, and ‘markets’ it at below par prices set behind-the-scenes by the Bank’s real Owner, so that the purchasing new owner of the gold makes a killing at the expense of the British taxpayers. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say… Answering the question, “Is it the People or the clandestine real owner/s of the Bank who are enriched by the Bank’s activities?” also clarifies who owns the Bank of England: who are its real owners. Someone owns the Bank but, alas, it is not We the People.

Following a straightforward train of thought, you will see that the very existence of the ‘National Debt’ proves that the People through their government do not own the Bank of England. If the English People’s state owns the Bank of England, then it is a nationalised facility and the People are its Co-Owners with legal and lawful control and scrutiny of it through the prosecution aspect of the all-powerful Courts of the Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System 1 .

1 See sections, Two Ways to Equal Justice for All, The Counter Plaint, The Constitutional Technique for Expunction of Unwanted Legislation, and, How Common Law Articles 24, 36, 39, 40 and 61 Achieve the People’s Emancipation from Arbitrary Governance, in Chapter Four of DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto.

When one talks about who ‘owns’ a bank, one is addressing who owns and controls the loot; its money and assets. In the main, people do not realise that taxes levied on people’s income do not go on infrastructure, defence, education, services and so on. If one looks at government ‘pie-charts’ and figures, one sees that the equivalent quantity raised by Income Tax is principally utilised for repaying the interest on government borrowing; not the capital, just the interest.

VAT, the myriad stealth and other taxes go towards government spending, but further enormous government borrowing at Usury is undertaken for expenditures on Education, NHS, defence, etc. Up goes the ‘National Debt’—but to whom is one indebted? As you see, repayments go to the “nationally-owned” Bank of England.

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