Is Magna Carta valid today?

Is Magna Carta valid today?

In the 13th century there was about 2.5 to 3 million people in the British Isles. 95 per cent were peasants tied to the land – slaves to their Lords and Masters – The Church – the Barons and Knights that owned land and of course the monarch. Besides a lot of serfs in the towns and cities you had shop keepers blacksmiths – millers weavers etc.. Life expectancy in those days was on average 30 for men and about 25 for women.

Women got married as soon as they menstruated 10 or 12 boys got married about 14 or 15 – you gave a “wed” a gift – which could be anything from a chicken to a flower or if you were rich enough a ring – people did not marry in church – they just agreed by saying at any time “I do!” Divorce was just as simple and easy.

To be a “freeman” you had to bare arms – have a sword – peasants were not allowed any weapons – which why they went to war with their pitchforks and scythes. The Barons were given lands as a reward for “good services to the king – and Barons derived much of their revenues from the estates that they owned. Barons got the best of everything – even to fucking any women who he liked – he was the master of all. He retained knights – to enforce his will to get taxes to police and to raise an army if the king paid well these knights also spoke and understood the “locals” every county had a different “English” and the aristocracy spoke a crude French or Latin to which the 90 per cent of people did not understand.

In drawing up their Great Charter of 1215 the Baron’s were only interested in freemen and themselves – they gave no thought to their slaves – why should they?? The Baron’s knew they made kings – or defeated them – and were pissed off with John’s demands for gold – they had to raise gold from the peasants the villages and townspeople – and the people were objecting – and that would mean a rebellion of slaves – the peace of the Island would be shattered – and they would all lose.

The Baron’s in defeating the king were pragmatic – they did not want to go through all the hassle of getting new king. Kings thought that they were ordained by god – and could do all that they wished – and everyone had to obey. A king could take all that he wanted as of “right.” He could make or break Barons – 1215 was a “illuminating moment.” The king had to agree to uphold the Common laws and customs of all – and to swear on his oath to do so – and if he did not they the Baron’s could replace him. John was a very bad king – and the barons effectively put him in a gilded cage.

Today we are all subjects to the Monarch – that has not changed for hundreds of years – we are all owned by the monarch. Parliament is still owned by the monarch and still ha to sign every bill before it becomes law and every majority party of Parliament must seek and get the royal seal of approval to govern us. The monarch has the legal power to dissolve Parliament to this day. Technically we vote to have a Parliament that will govern us in accordance with Common Law and Magna Carta. This is still law. We vote for Parliamentary Labour Party or Parliamentary Conservative Party etc..

People today think that they vote for a political party – and that Parliament is in some way different – it exists in it’s own right. Successive governments have created many rules and regulations governing parliament – which become history custom and the norm. We have a compliant monarchy – it gets a lot of money (bribery) and people get indoctrinated that the monarchy is a good thing and her family will have a the job forever. The monarch and her family members are still Commanders in Chief of all our armed services. But I suspect that will change in time.

It is not Parliament that dictates our lives. It’s those that we elect to manage. If any party has a majority – then you have a dictatorship then you have tyranny – as is the case today. Even if we had a legitimate monarch – she is spineless and compliant and complicit in all the sufferings of the people.

Today Magna Carta is still in UK Law till this day. But people are selfish greedy and look to secure their own wealth an best interests and choose to ignore – no Common Law or indeed Magna Carta is taught in any Law School. So lawyers and barristers are in complete ignorance as to it’s existence. But it can not be revoked – which for some is embarrassing and would much prefer to sweep it all under the carpet. Magna Carta 1215 still applies in UK Law to this day as is the sworn oath of the monarch to uphold the common law and customs.

We have a set of rules that govern the monarch and all who take an oath of allegiance to that monarch – if you break any of these rules we have the legal common law right to de-thrown you. The monarch broke the rules of oath – and was de-thowned and all who swore an oath of allegiance to the monarch has in law become unlawful.

A simple cure in any court is to ask the magistrate or judge to see his/her sworn oath – which he/she is obliged in law to show you. They swear on oath to serve the queen – but our queen has been de-throned we have no monarchy so they have no legal mandate to be a judge or magistrate. You can provide all the evidence to prove this is in fact the case. In doing so they have no rights or judicial mandates. All you have to do is present your signed oath of Article-61 to the barons. And then present to the clerk of the court your evidence to the effect that the queen has been de-throned since 2001 – you can find all the evidence you need on my or other web sites.

They make not like it – especially if your supporters call the police to have them arrested – which they may not do – but at least you tried every time this legal argument has been used and backed up by the evidence all cases have been dismissed. Why?

Magna Carta 1215 is still in force in law to this day. It is still a binding agreement between the monarch and all people of the UK and the Commonwealth. No laws can undo Magna Carta 1215. So as long as you don’t break the peace of the land – and do not break Common Law – you need not pay any taxes – register any vehicles or recognise anyone who swore an oath to the de-throned monarch. You are now a freeman – not a serf or slave of a monarch and not a slave or serf of Parliament. You and that means all of us are free men and women. Spread the Word!!!!


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