Intro into Cryptology

Intro into Cryptology

The Key Concepts to understand:

An introductory video:


In this age of modern communications – none of which is safe – we have no privacy. In those far off days when people were able to write a letter – at least you had a sense that your letter was private – only opened by the recipient intended. A postal worker could be asked by MI5 MI6 to open your mail – if the State thought you were a threat. 

Today we live in an entirely different world. If you have a smart phone or tablet you are constantly tracked 24 hours a day – even when you switch off your device. Social Media sites track your every move and sell that data and send you adverts to buy more and more stuff. And there are “interest groups” that monitor all your communications – both “public” and what you think is “private.” There is no “private.”

All have access to all your communications. If you have sticky tin-foil wrapped round your battery for your smart phone take it off and bin it – all your data is stolen – and even when you switch off your phone it is still alive sending and receiving data. You have been warned. 

You may be a political activist a journalist a lawyer a doctor a businessman or just an ordinary citizen – all – every one one of you has no privacy in your communications. You may say “I don’t care – I have nothing to hide” But in truth your rights and freedoms to communicate to complain against the State – to demonstrate and to collectively organise have gone. You are now spied on by the State 24 hours per day 7 days a week and 365 days per year.

Before delving into the subject of cryptology in detail I want to give you a free list of software that you can use. Buying commercially available solutions is not a very good idea – they give you a very false sense of security – they all have back doors in them which means all your “secure” data can be read by the intelligence services.

We are not going to cover hard disk encryption. We are going to focus on e-mail communications and the software you can use – though using gpa and kleopatra you can encrypt files that you wish to send.


Thunderbird – an e-mail package
Enigmail – an essential addon for Thunderbird
Kleopatra key management file encryption and much more
GPA – key management file encryption and much more

Note: If you are running Windows download GPG4WIN – this will install all you need: and you can read all the documentation here:  

Here’s a quick tutorial for you to watch:

Most of you can get by reading the documentation watching the video and looking at the manual I uploaded earlier. It gets a bit technical from now on – so if your not all that keen to dive in – that’s fine.

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