Rebellion (1)

Open Rebellion
Part One

I often get asked “Why is it that the British People are not in open rebellion?” When I think back to the late 60s and 70’s we thought that we were spearheading the revolution. I suspect that this was down to two things – (1) Our childish enthusiasm completely shaped our view of the world and (2) Dope was cheap 3 quid a quarter of an ounce. 2017 all those revolutionaries are in their late 60’s 70’s and 80’s – or creating daisies. I am very much still alive.

When we voted to leave the so-called EU with a clear vote – most left-wing supporters were horrified we were labelled racists – or suffering from xenophobia – which is very far from the truth. Back then it was called the “Common Market” and sold to the British people as a trade agreement between Nations. And that as a Trading Block – this would put us on a par with the USA – and open us up to world markets.

At that time we had no idea that this Common Market for Trade would soon turn into the Economic Union where in fact there would be no Britain “England” no France no Germany – it was the complete destruction of Nations States in Europe. The “Free Movement of Peoples” would dissolve any idea of being British Welsh and Scottish. One currency one army and one legislative body. No UK. You have to bear in mind that the EU is in no way “Socialist” but a “Capitalist” system where large corporations exist to make money. Years later I learned of the Nazi connection – most people think it’s a stepping stone to World Government run by a handful of elite families – which maybe the end game. 

Today in the UK we have  Tory government that is quite happily asset stripping the country and driving most of it’s citizens into poverty – and deliberately killing the disabled and the sick and introducing an American-style health care system where everything you need – you have to pay for – whilst at the same time taking national Insurance contributions which is supposed to pay for our National Health Care System – we already pay for it – but it seems the Tories want us to pay double.

There are 15 million people living in abject poverty – that’s men women and children. There’s also something like 3 million people (Men and Women) who are sleeping on our streets this winter and for the rest of their lives – and millions are being evicted from their homes on a daily basis – that’s families being evicted – kids living on the streets. We have a government that wants to drive everyone back to the 17th century.

In my day – University Education was free. Today our 18 to 24 year old’s  are having to pay at completion of a degree find themselves saddled with £30,000 to £50,000 worth of debt. Debt three to four times higher than the pay they are going to get. More and more kids are being to encouraged to go to university – with “soft” degrees given and no guarantee of a “good” job yet saddled with debt.

In fact the UK population is saddled with personal debts of at about £1.5 trillion, which is an average of £28,000 for everyone over 16 in the UK. £1.5 trillion is a lot of money – more of income is being used to service that debt as wages full in real terms. Most people earn about £12,00 per year – both parents working. People are just working to pay off debt. And worse – if you miss several payments – you will end up losing everything – your house car even your family and could well join the millions sleeping rough on all our city streets.

So why no rebellion? It is debt and the fear of losing everything that controls people like you. You can’t imagine living in bad housing no state benefits or living on the streets. You dare not go on a demonstration the loss of one days pay will put you on the streets. Open rebellion would mean the loss of your low paid job and all you have – you will lose everything. It is difficult to inspire people to open rebellion. 

But there is a way – for we are all in open rebellion right now. Really??? We can bring an end to Tyranny right now. The “Why” and the “How” will be explained in Part Two

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