The Protocols of Zion

The Protocols of Zion

The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” were written something like 1750 – 267 years ago. Today most people do not even consider that there is a group of jewish zionists that wish to take over the entire world.It is et out in Agenda 21 – the EU – the United Nations World Bank. These people are often referred to as the “elite” the “illuminati” and of late by paedophile rings that stretch across continents. Jews can have sex with three year old children and within the principles of jewish law – jews can not be prosecuted for any crime brought before a jewish court.

The Protocols set out the principles of world domination. To end all wars end all conflicts – to bring peace and harmony to planet Earth. Noble thoughts? How wrong you are! Their plan means slavery and impoverishment without any property poor health care poor education poor housing for those one or two billion Earth survivors.

All this was set out in a document written some 267 years ago – and it is being put into practice every day since it was agreed upon. “The Principles of the Elders of Zion” cover about 64 pages – 24 Protocols and the commentaries. I am slowly working my way through it all – and my intention is to publish them here in fall. I have included some videos – mainly to educate you give you some background – so do your own research – and above all think for yourself! it is very very important for you to do your own research – to think things through no matter how painful and shocking – we all have our revelations and this is but one! “Enlightenment” can be challenging! 

An American Perspective:

Richplanet UK intro into The Protocols of Zion:

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