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Harold Wilson plot, Treason & Conspiracy by MI5, 1968 Coup, 1976 Resignation

Yes two top BBC journalists Penrose and Courtieur were steered out into the long grass by the powers that be. In 1975 Britain’s last honest Prime Minister, Harold Wilson was bugged, burgled bullied and hounded out of office by fascist, even Nazi, elements within MI5, the army and establishment who smeared him as a Russian KGB agent.

As for books on this subject the best in order are as follows: ‘The Pencourt File’ by Barrie Penrose & Roger Courtiour (1978) ‘Smear!: Wilson and the Secret State’ by Stephen Dorril & Robin Ramsey (1992) ‘The Wilson Plot: How the Spycatchers and Their American Allies Tried to Overthrow the British Government’ (1988) by David Leigh In his 1976 memoir Walking on Water, Hugh Cudlipp recounts a meeting he arranged at the request of Cecil King, the head of the International Publishing Corporation (IPC), between King and Lord Mountbatten of Burma. The meeting took place on May 8, 1968.

Attending were Mountbatten, King, Cudlipp, and Sir Solly Zuckerman, the Chief Scientific Adviser to the British government. According to Cudlipp: “[Cecil] awaited the arrival of Sir Solly and then at once expounded his views on the gravity of the national situation, the urgency for action, and then embarked upon a shopping list of the Prime Minister’s shortcomings…

He explained that in the crisis he foresaw as being just around the corner, the Government would disintegrate, there would be bloodshed in the streets and the armed forces would be involved. The people would be looking to somebody like Lord Mountbatten as the titular head of a new administration, somebody renowned as a leader of men, who would be capable, backed by the best brains and administrators in the land, to restore public confidence. He ended with a question to Mountbatten- would he agree to be the titular head of a new administration in such circumstances?” Mountbatten asked for the opinion of Zuckerman, who stated that the plan amounted to treason and left the room.

Mountbatten expressed the same opinion, and King and Cudlipp left. On 30 May 1968 King was dismissed as the head of the International Publishing Corporation. In addition to Mountbatten’s refusal to participate in King’s mooted plot, there is no evidence of any other conspirators. Cudlipp himself appears to see the meeting as an example of extreme egotism on King’s part.

A BBC programme The Plot Against Harold Wilson, broadcast in 2006, reported that, in tapes recorded soon after his resignation on health grounds, Wilson stated that for eight months of his premiership he didn’t “feel he knew what was going on, fully, in security”. Wilson alleged two plots, in the late 1960s and mid 1970s respectively.

He said that plans had been hatched to install Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles’s great uncle and mentor, as interim Prime Minister (see also Other conspiracy theories, below). He also claimed that ex-military leaders had been building up private armies in anticipation of “wholesale domestic liquidation”.

On a separate track, elements within MI5 had also, the BBC programme reported, spread “black propaganda” that Wilson and Williams were Soviet agents, and that Wilson was an IRA sympathise


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