About Me

About Me:

Hello and Welcome to my Blog “The Captain’s (B)Log.”

I’m not a conventional thinker – I’m a Buddhist Philosopher Psychologist artist and writer – being blind in my right eye – painting detailed works has become difficult – a matter of judging perspective and distance – one can not quite work out where to paint a line. However I can think am articulate and more importantly can write. I don’t follow the “News” no MSM (Main Stream Media) and no television – I’ve not watched television for about a year now – I don’t miss it. Am going to focus much of my attention to writing about “social manipulation” how we get indoctrinated “brainwashed” lied too – deceived – manipulated – I may devote an article on this topic.

Am also going to continue with Cryptology – I am not a “geek” so I will be writing in general terms to which most people can understand. Links to other sites etc..

I do not follow “conventional science” but rather think for myself out of the box. For most scientists today do a “job of work” 9-till-5 and expect to get a good pension. Every branch of science has a long history to which scientific ideas and discoveries (which were always accidental) are caste into ritualised stone.

For example – Darwin’s theory on evolution is clearly wrong – no new species have evolved – no elephants have evolved no lions – all that seems to be evolving is bacteria and virus’s – nothing else – most species are in decline – so the fittest and smartest are not going to survive. The Earth has been evolving changing over millions of years – historical and archaeological evidence points to the fact that we have been here for millions of years – not as apes or monkeys but as full human beings. I read a post where some German archaeologists had discovered two teeth some 9.5 million years old.

There is enough scientific evidence to point out that giants walked the earth millions of years ago. No Myth. Scientific Fact. We did not evolve from monkeys – monkeys are not evolving not changing but remaining completely static throughout their generations. There is much historical data that shows we were created by some alien race that visited the earth many many millions of years ago.

On average some 7,000 UFOs are reported from every nation on this earth. Research shows us that we have been constantly visited by UFOs for millions of years – cave paintings rock carvings sculpture – ancient writings all point to visitors who have landed and interacted with human-kind over millions millions of years – every culture on this planet has stories of these visitors that still keep visiting us today. As to why this is – there are many theories.

I had a UFO experience – I was standing at the back of our house – complete darkness overlooking the Downs in West Sussex 1983 – a large black triangle – maybe 600 ft on each side glided silently over the roof no sound no downward pressure wave – nothing – it floated about 60ft up and moved at a steady 10 to 15 miles an hour above my head. It floated over Heyshott where I lived for about 3 years.

Conventional science does not try to make any real sense of our world – it is restricted by beliefs dogma – which is no different from blind religious views – and sweeps much of history under the carpet – today with people having cameras in their phones they are capturing UFOs on a daily basis – all of which is ignored by main stream media and main stream scientists.

Do I believe in Time Travel? Back and forth in time? Men and women transported to Mars??? No. Time does not exist – there is no future time – no past time – there is only your current consciousness of sensory perception of where you are now. Many people are seeing the world through their beliefs – they “see” with the ideas in their minds – not reality as it is.

So I have an open and enquiring mind – we never stop learning about our world – life is a journey with no fixed destination. Enjoy the journey 🙂


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