About this (B)Log

About this (B)Log

The name of this site is The Captain’s (B)Log Liberation – freedom was the last name I chose “A Blog of Things” was another. I was once a ship’s Captain – not quite ten years ago – it’s quite a catchy title for a Blog.

This blog has nothing to do with boats yachts or the sea – and in no way is it nautical – apart from my love of sailing yachts. The photo on the main page (Home) is a yacht called “ALILA PURNAMA” meaning “full moon” she’s what’s called a “Pinisi.” If you want more info on these beautiful yachts – go to this link: http://www.kastenmarine.com/phinisi_history.htm

Back to Liberation – to which 99 per cent of the world do not have. I had thought to call it “the blog of things” my thoughts – but really I am concerned with Liberation freedom – to think for oneself – to investigate for oneself – and not rely depend on others to do the thinking for you or for you to accept current views of reality.

I am a Buddhist. Also a Humanist an Anarchist a Socialist a Philosopher a Psychologist. An artist and a writer. A historian – we are all many many things – no one is just a plumber or sales or clerical person – we all have our interests and concerns – though me – I have no interest in sports modern entertainment fashion or modern views on how to be politically correct. I don’t accept censorship of the mind – which so many on the so-called “Left” do. I have no interest in a sexless society ruled by the lesbian “gay” bisexual and transgender (LGBT) social movements that want to stifle all debates other than their own perverse agenda.

My Early Days: When I was about 16 or 17 – I joined the Humanist Society – and South Place Ethical Society – both at Red Lion Square – I had the privilege of one evening – meeting Bertrand Russel Tony Ben and a lovable Michael Foot. I got invited to a house – where some one played the piano and another man sang opera. For a 16 or 17 year old working class boy – it was truly amazing.

That shaped my politics – I read all of Bertrand Russel’s books – and thought myself an Anarco-syndicalist – I got involved with Red Flame Trotsky – got kicked out of three universities and even flour-bombed Harold Wilson when he visited Bethnal Green – we got through the police by putting me in a pram ???? I lived in squats for many years – Centre Point – I was there! And I lived in Communes up and done the country.

We had links with the IRA and Baader-Meinhof I could say more ???? and I was a member of CND from the age of 15. Today I think – whatever happened to our revolution??? Harold Wilson did not deliver – and ever since the Labour Party has swung to the Right and is now run by Conservatives.

I have voted Labour all my life. I voted for the Greens when they first started but in the early days just a bunch of hippies who could not organize anything. But where has our revolution gone?? The truth is in 8 years the Tories have destroyed everything that Atlee brought into being. Thatcher destroyed the Unions.

So whatever happened to the revolution??? Now we are faced with a revolution – all because of one man – Jeremy Corbyn – and the fact that UK Politics have the sewer stench of corruption. You have all come to the conclusion and the realisation that all you have held dear has been destroyed.

Neoliberalism (a policy model of social and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector) has destroyed everything and continues to destroy and make people poor and strip them of every Human Right that was seized from capitalism over the past 60 years.

A Note on the Web of Trust:

In the 80’s you could only register web sites in the US. I lived in the USA – no rules for privacy – so I opted in to protect my identity. I think I registered gbenet.com in 1988 or 1999 about 18 years ago. I have seen a lot of changes in that time. The global introduction of malware phishing identity theft by Intelligence Services and by criminal gangs based in Russia USA UK Europe – Eastern Europe East Africa has become the mark of today’s “web.” GCHQ has had access to ALL your data since the mid 90’s. “Data Gathering” has become big business – for social manipulation and for profit – you have to accept your spied on 24 hours a day through your smart phone desktop laptop and tablet.

I plan to run this blog ethically – no cookies – no selling of data. A bit old fashioned but fully trustworthy and honest – to which most other web sites do not follow – there primary purpose is to make money – provide fake news – and they are many sites set up by the Intelligence Services to deliberately  lie and deceive. This site is at least honest and ethical.

Thank you.

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